4 Ways to Increase Your Home’s Resale Value

Moving isn’t easy. Even though us renters have it hard, it can be even more difficult for those homeowners that have to sell their home. Sometimes it comes down to relocating for work, and sometimes you need to either up-size or downsize. Whatever the reasons for your move, you will definitely want to increase your home’s resale value any way you can.

Guess what? Increasing your home’s resale value is much simpler than you know if you make the right investments now, they are sure to pay off in the long run. In this post we share with you 5 ways to increase your home’s resale value easily and without breaking the bank!

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Modernise the floors

For years carpet was the go to flooring in our homes. This is becoming less and less common with many homeowners opting for hard surface flooring to give their home that much needed upgrade and wow factor. This brings in a higher return on your investment, thus increasing your home’s resale value.

You can opt for tile flooring, but hardwood is usually the most popular option for many. There are many benefits to it; for example, you can choose different shades dependent on your decor style, different grains, and most importantly, you can choose different types of wood flooring.

Engineered wood flooring is a more and more popular option as it is real hardwood flooring. The different between your typical hardwood floor and engineered hardwood flooring is that the latter is not a single plank of wood, but rather composed of multiple layers of different timber. This makes it more durable and resistant than traditional wood floors.

Which means that not only does this type of flooring perform better overall, but it looks just as beautiful as the real deal!

Redo the Kitchen

Kitchens sell homes – or so I’ve heard from either the Property Brothers or Kirsty and Phil. The reality is that the kitchen is the hearts of the home and any potential buyer wants to make sure that they can visualize their family making memories in that kitchen.

The best thing about redoing the kitchen is that it can mean many things dependent on your budget. You can give it a lick of pain, change the hardware, and add new light fixtures to make it look better. Or, if you are looking for a larger return on investment (and can afford to spend the money), a full kitchen remodel is the best way to go.

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Work on the Kerb Appeal

The first impression that potential buyers get of your home is an important one. How many times have we judged a house simply by it’s facade? Whether or not you want to judge a book by it’s cover, or a house by it’s front door, it’s quite important to make sure give your house a face lift.

Invest in a front door that is weather proof and can provide good insulation as well as look good from the road. Make sure that your drive is paved, that your fence is painted, and that the front of your home looks tidy overall.

Sure, this may help more when it’s time to sell, but if you make these updates early on your house be sure that people will be waiting for that for sale sign to go up!

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Beautify the Bathroom

Just like it’s important to invest in a modern kitchen, a modern bathroom is also essential to up the value of your home. How many times have we seen that dream bath and imagined ourselves there blissfully soaking away? If your bathroom is one that evokes relaxation, luxury, and the feel of a spa you’re bound to garner a lot of interest in your home.

Have you ever renovated a bathroom? It’s a nightmare! This is why many people don’t want to be bothered with buying a house and having to renovate a bathroom. If you update the bathroom suite, you’re definitely doing yourself a big favour come sell time!

Sure, it’s not about feelings but more about the cold hard cash! And that cold hard cash can be attained by giving your home the updates that it needs and deserves. The point is that regardless of your budget you will be raising the resale value of your home by following these simple and affordable tips!

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