How to Keep Your Pet Safe During a Flood

Dark evenings are drawing closer and the first signs of autumn have arrived, which means there’s likely to be some bad weather conditions on the horizon. Autumn can be a strange period when it comes to the weather, with the odd Indian summer supplying us with weeks of beautiful sunshine, or the opposite striking and seeing heavy rain and flooding. Flooding is a very difficult issue when it comes to having a pet, as there are lots of dangers that come with them. Continue reading for some top tips on how to keep your pet safe and healthy during a flood. 

Avoid Walking in Flooded Areas

Whilst it may seem like an obvious step to take, it’s surprising how many people will attempt their daily walk even when a flood has occurred. Whether it’s a light or heavy flood, you should avoid walking your dog through any large areas of water as you just don’t know what could have been swept up and gathered there. If you find that your normal daily route is obstructed then try to find an alternative route until the water has settled and passed, just to be on the safe side and keep your pet safe.

Buy a Dog Coat

Many people look at dog coats and think they are a waste of money, however, even our four-legged friends can get cold when they’ve been wet long enough. By purchasing your dog a durable coat for them to wear during heavy rain and flooding, you are protecting their skin and fur from excessive rain and helping to keep them dry and warm at the same time.

Ancol have brought out a great dog coat equipped with a reflective panel to ensure your dog is safe when on evening walks in the dark, so you can double up the use for it. Take a look at the Petwell store to find the Ancol reflective coats and other durable jackets to find the right style and fit for your dog, to ensure they’re comfortable. 

Don’t Let Them Drink the Water

It’s no secret that dogs love to drink puddle water, but flood water can be slightly different. When somewhere floods, lots of dirt and debris can be washed in from other areas and therefore the flooded areas a larger puddle can become infected with chemicals that could be harmful to your pooch. They will try their very hardest to gain access to the puddle but it’s really important not to let them drink from them, as they could catch a bug or digest something poisonous. 

Keep Them on a Lead

If you’re likely to be in an area that’s particularly flooded and dangerous, be sure to keep your pet safe on the lead at all times. You don’t want them to wander off and become stuck or get caught up in a current if the water is moving and strong. By keeping your pet on their lead, you can keep an eye on them at all times and ensure they don’t get into any dangerous situations. 

Provide a Safe Space

Dogs are very active pets and therefore need to be able to run around and enjoy being outdoors whilst being safe. If your usual walking route is flooded, it’s important to create a safe outdoor space for your dog to use. From quick toilet trips to outdoor play, it will help them get the fresh air they need, without risking them catching any bugs or experiencing any dangerous activity that the flood has caused. 


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