6 Top Reasons You Might Need a Breast Augmentation Revision

Even though your breast surgery was a success, you might still need a breast augmentation revision after some time. The aging process, loss of tissue elasticity, breastfeeding, and implant displacement are some of the factors that would cause you to get your breasts reviewed after surgery. A breast augmentation revision can help correct any mistakes and restore your breasts to normal size and shape. Here are the top reasons why you might need a breast augmentation revision.

Capsular contracture

In some cases, the scar around your implant might tighten and cause the implant to shift to an undesired position. This condition is known as capsular contracture and can cause bleeding, infection, or trauma around the implant. If you feel any tightness around your breast implant scar, schedule an appointment with your surgeon to help figure out the best way forward.

Rippling around the breast

Rippling occurs when the tissue covering the augmented breast is too thin. When you go in for a breast augmentation review, your doctor will recommend site changing or fat grafting to correct this problem. In the site changing procedure, the breast implant is moved to the muscle partially below it to prevent rippling from recurring.


When the pockets that were holding your breast implants in place cross over one another, and meet in the middle of your chest, this leads to a condition known as synmastia. You end up looking like you have one large breast in the center of your chest, which is a difficult problem to correct. Fortunately, a breast augmentation revision will help restore your breasts to their normal shape.

Desire to change breast size

6 Top Reasons You Might Need a Breast Augmentation Revision

One of the most common reasons a patient would go in for a breast augmentation revision is to change the size of their breasts. According to breast revision specialist, Dr. Robert Cohen, women go through different phases of their lives and would like bigger or smaller breasts to fit their bodies perfectly. If you are unhappy with the size of your breasts, you can always go for a breast augmentation revision.

Malposition of the breast implant

When the pockets holding your breast implant are too large, they drift away from the desired position, leading to implant malposition. To correct this defect, you will need to go for a breast augmentation revision to convert the size of the pockets. Your surgeon will use a combination of internal sutures and external remedies to get the implant back into the correct position.

Double bubble deformity

If your breasts look two-tiered, you are a prime candidate for a breast augmentation revision. A double bubble deformity comes about when the implant is placed below the muscle, and the patient ends up needing a breast lift. This deformity occurs when the surgeon attempts the initial breast augmentation to reduce the infra-mammary fold.

Bottom line

Please be honest with your surgeon about your current situation and your expectations so that they will know how best to help you. If you plan to embark on a weight loss journey or get pregnant again, it would be best to schedule your appointment until after those events are complete. We hope this article has been of help to you.

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