American Dry Cleaning: Caring For More Than Just Clothes

When most people think about dry cleaners, they assume that we only dry clean things like suits and clothes that cannot be put into a washing machine. However, nothing could be further from the truth!

Our dry cleaning process involves us using eco-friendly cleaning chemicals to remove grime and stains from fabrics that cannot go through a traditional wet wash. The dry cleaning process is very gentle of the fabric fibres, yet is very effective at removing dirt and stains as well as unpleasant odours that can get trapped in the fibres. 

Dry cleaning is ideal for fabrics and natural materials such as wool, leather and suede that can become damaged when exposed to water or the rough and tumble of a washing machine cycle. Dry cleaning helps to preserve the integrity of the fabric, prevents colour fading and keeps colours looking sharp and crisp for longer.

Listed below are the services offered by the American Dry Cleaning Company. You can see how we can help you take care of much more than your dry-clean-only clothes. 

  • Alterations and repairs – replace zips, missing buttons and adjusting waistbands etc.
  • Curtains, rugs and household items – dry clean or laundering of large items
  • Fire and flood restoration – cleaning smoke or water damaged fabrics
  • Full laundry service – let us do your weekly laundry wash for you
  • Garment and shoe care – repairs and invisible mending
  • Shirt service – freshly cleaned and pressed shirts all week long
  • Shoe repair and key cutting – re-heel or re-sole shoes, cut spare keys
  • Skiwear – cleaning stains including salt and watermarks
  • Soft toys  – clean and freshen up beloved soft toys 
  • Suede, leather, re-waxing and fur – natural materials need special care
  • Ugg boots and handbags – bring your boots and handbags back to life
  • Wedding dresses – clean away food, drink, mud, grass and make-up stains

Other than clothes, what things need dry cleaning regularly?

We all love the feeling of sliding on a freshly dry-cleaned and pressed shirt and suit, but what about cleaning our household fabrics? What do we own that can benefit from a regular dry clean?

Well obviously, things like large area rugs and long or heavy curtains cannot be washed at home in your washing machine. In most cases, the fibres in your rugs and curtains could be damaged by a regular wash anyway, so it makes sense to let us take care of your large fabric items for you.

The same could be said for your duvets, pillow, bedspreads and sofa throws – anything too large for your washing machine that would be better preserved through dry cleaning. However, please remember that we also have larger, commercial-sized washing machines that can take machine-washable fabrics such as curtains, duvets, bedspreads etc. that are not dry-clean-only fabrics and that are too large for your domestic washing machine.

Do not hesitate to contact our friendly team if you have an item that you are not sure how to clean. American Dry Cleaning will be able to tell you the best way to get rid of the food or drink stains, dust and grime build up so you can have household items that look, smell and feel as fresh as you dry-cleaned clothes!

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