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It’s not unusual that many homeowners depend on the web for direction regarding everything about household upkeep, and that relays to the air conditioning system they choose for their cooling needs. With that comes a lot of conflicting information from site to site. Not to mention myths and tales that perhaps come from the ‘old wives’ handbook.

A lot of us take what we read as truth, believing we will save where we can on our energy costs but still get as much use from the unit as possible. The result is detrimental to the system with costly repairs and more expensive utility bills. Typically, our air conditioning systems are forced to put forth much more effort for which they were designed, ultimately decreasing the lifespan we would generally anticipate from a unit. Why? Because of the ‘tricks’ we follow from what we read.

Myths Related To Air Conditioning Systems

Because people tend to believe the various tried and true ‘remedies’ offered regarding air conditioners on the internet, calls to professional air conditioning replacement services,, are more prevalent. That’s because units give out due to misuse or abuse based on people faithfully following the mythical information. This inadvertently results in accelerated wear and tear. You should always follow up ‘tips’ found in articles online with a professional AC installer & replacement service company to validate the information.

Myth: The best option to purchase is the biggest unit available

Many customers are under the impression that the ‘biggest’ household appliance is always going to be the best option. And that carries over into air conditioning systems. According to AC installer & replacement service experts, an oversized unit has the problem of producing ‘ruptures’ of air. This makes the thermostat believe the desired temp is reached and turning off before the entire house has cooled.

It creates excessive work for the unit and significant wear, not to mention discomfort as far as the temperature in the home and inflated energy costs. You need a system sized perfectly according to the area within your home.

Myth: The best cooling achieved within the home is accomplished by using the most extreme temperature on the thermostat 

The tale is kind of the same concept as buying the biggest system that you can find. The biggest or the highest does not mean the best. That’s especially true when it comes to your AC. If the room temperature in your home is at 68 degrees and you decide to set the thermostat down below 50 degrees, it will not cool faster than ideally if you set it at 70 degrees. The thermostat’s numbers won’t dictate the speed for cooling.

Myth:  There are cost savings by turning the unit off, such as when you’re gone during the day and at night

The fact is that turning the unit off and on will likely result in more costs. An air conditioner serves more purposes than merely cooling the home. It also counters humidity as a means to maximize better air quality. And the unit has to work harder each time you turn it back on as it has to get back to that comfortable temperature from the house being hot and humid. Click here for AC need-to-know.

Myth: It’s not important where you decide to put your thermostat 

The thermostat location is a big deal because the placement will impact the overall efficiency as well as the performance of the air conditioner. It needs situating in an area of the home on an interior wall that has no exposure to a doorway, windows, sunlight, or skylights.

Myth:  Close off some of the vents in individual rooms to save some costs

You won’t be saving money by closing vents in rooms within your home. Doing this will only be making other rooms throughout the house much more uncomfortable in temperature. Professionals who install a system do so according to the area within the home. It’s balanced, sized to be perfect for the amount of air necessary to circulate evenly throughout each room in the house. Closing vents disrupts this flow. Before taking this step, discuss your concerns with a service company who can advise as to what you can do instead.

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Final Major Myth: AC installer & replacement service providers use maintenance plans as a means of making money

As with any appliance or system or person, everything needs a check-up at least once a year for it to operate at its full potential. This ensures there are no possible defects, and promotes an extended lifespan. The air conditioning system is no exception. The provider maintains its function, so you are provided better efficiency.

The experts have access to tools allowing for any issues from the airflow to coils to leaks for which they can resolve them quickly before they turn into massive problems and costly repairs. Their effort saves money, malfunctions, and allows for efficiency and peace of mind for you as the homeowner.


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