Renovating Your Attic Stairs? A Few Tips on Where to Start

If you’re in the mood to renovate your house, you should rather do it once and cover all areas, as opposed to doing it in bits and pieces. The idea is to plan it right, do your research, get the right equipment, and start. However, the easier option is to hire a professional in the industry, that way you can choose the right one for your home and be satisfied that it comes with a guarantee. 

Some may think it’s a headache, but if done right, you could turn it into a cool new DIY project that’ll make your neighbours regret they didn’t do the same a long time ago. In instances where you have an attic and you choose to replace or upgrade an accentuating piece such as pull out attic stairs, it is not a bad idea to look into a nice new modern finish for them.

Something like the high-standard options you can get from a well-established and specialist manufacturer like top quality doors – Attic stairs, is a good idea because something as important as attic stairs can make or break a centrepiece in a home.

Let’s jump right into the one you should choose. 

At initial consideration, one must look at a few things:

Attic Stairs: Costs

Having done your research and decided on a budget, you would know that the average cost of installing ladders starts from about $200 to $650, some companies charge for parts and labour and professional contractors charge on average about $240 per project or they charge by the hour, a rate of about $60.

In terms of costs of the stairs themselves, they can range from about $100 and up. Some can go as far as £400 for steel frame stairs that lean towards a more retro interior for any modern home.

Attic Stairs: Types

Lots of houses have taken up the idea of a loft conversion to add more space to their home or add an additional bedroom or office space in their attic, it has become the most convenient and cost-efficient way to improve the quality of your household and living space. The only way to get up and come down is via these attic stairs unless you install something a bit more unconventional like a pole, which is not everyone’s cup of tea.

The thing about choosing this type of replacement equipment for your house is that there are tons of varieties to choose from, which sometimes can be a little overwhelming. 

There are a few categories, however:

  1. Metal fold down attic ladders
  2. Wooden material
  3. Sliding fold-down ladders
  4. Telescopic-Heavy duty ladders
  5. Aluminum Type of ladders

To name a few…

attic stairs


Whether you choose a rung or steps, could be anyone’s guess. Did you know that some also have energy-saving components? These would be the automatic ones.

In the end, the features that should be considered range from the general usability i.e. is it for everyday use, is it as an ornamental piece because you use the attic mainly for storage and nothing else, it could be for children or adults for instance, in which case it needs to be sturdy and slip-resistant for when going up and down frequently, it has to be a convenience as opposed to a hassle or obstruction, one also needs to take into consideration safety and personal preference most importantly. It is also vital to note how much space you have when the stairs are closed and when they are opened up. 

Should You DIY?

The simple answer to that is – Not really. It’s not always advisable to take on projects such as these onto yourself unless you are a professional carpenter or handyman and have done it before. Having said that, if you’ve got a reasonable budget of about $300 to about $700 there are some online sources that can teach you how to build your own loft stairs with step by step guides. Find out more here.

It is one thing to build a children’s toy house, its another to build stairs that lead to an attic for daily use. Ultimately the deciding factor would be personal budget and space. 


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