When Is Appliance Repair Right For You?

In a society where we are now becoming more focused on renewable energy and conservation,
it seems we are more conscious about our footprint. Because of this, many are denouncing the
idea of throwing items away when something breaks in favor of repairs. Moving back to a
culture where appliance repair is more common than heading to the home improvement store
anytime something breaks is fantastic. There are many excellent reasons to choose these
services. Take a look at some of the instances where appliance repair may be better than
buying new.

Your Appliances Aren’t That Old

One of the saddest disappointments for a homeowner is having an appliance break after only
having it a short time. Let’s say you invest $3,000 into a brand new Maytag refrigerator. You’re
in love. It works exactly as you’d hope, keeping things chilled at the perfect temperature. Then
after about a year and a half, it suddenly stops working. What can you do?

If you only had a year warranty, you wouldn’t be covered. After only a year and a half, $3,000
was a significant amount of money to spend for it to suddenly stop working. No one would throw
a car away if it was only a year old, and the same can be said for appliances. In general, most
of the problems that happen with appliances, after alone a year or two, can easily be corrected.

You’re On A Budget

Anyone that is on a budget knows that spending thousands on a new refrigerator, water heater,
or washer and dryer set isn’t always feasible. But one thing is for sure, you can’t go long without
these particular appliances in your home. While you could probably survive, it wouldn’t be as
comfortable or convenient. Appliance repairs are highly affordable, especially compared to the
cost of replacement. According to HomeAdvisor, “ a typical range of $104 and $238” is to be
expected when selecting appliance repair.

Simple Solutions- Easier Repairs

Would you be shocked to learn that most appliances that fail, do so because of something easy
to fix? Not all broken machines mean it will take hundreds of dollars to fix. In fact, in many
cases, washers, dryers, dishwashers, and the like can be adjusted in just a few hours.
Is it worth throwing a perfectly good washer and dryer set away for a repair that could be made
in two hours and less than $200? Most would answer no it’s not and would gladly pay the price.
However, many appliance owners assume repairs are more expensive and a hassle. But this

couldn’t be further from the truth. They are having appliance repairs that are affordable and

Lighting-Fast In-Home Repairs

Do you not feel like dragging your appliances to the curb or arranging for a junk removal service
to come to take it AND have to pay them? With in-home appliance repairs, there’s no need to go
through any of that daunting mess. Instead, you arrange for repairs, and a technician will come
to you. There’s no need to lug heavy machines anywhere. This is exceptionally convenient for
appliance owners looking to get their devices working again quickly.


Though replacements can seem like a great deal at times, you’ll have new appliances that
should work flawlessly for a long time. However, this doesn’t happen for everyone, and it isn’t
always in the budget to spend $500 or more on a replacement appliance. Having appliance
repair can be both convenient and budget-friendly. This will keep many of your home’s functions working as they should.


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