Creative & Easy Ways to Use Floral Prints in A Modern House

For many homeowners, modern design is synonymous with minimalism. After the past few years of pale color palettes and that less-is-more style, however, you may be ready for color and vitality to bring your space to life. Floral prints are a natural way to revive any room in your house, from floral pattern wallpaper to lively upholstery fabrics or bedding. These suggestions for incorporating floral prints into your modern home can get you started.

Take It to the Walls

Floral wallpapers aren’t your grandma’s chintzy, busy prints anymore. Today’s floral papers feature large, full blossoms, and they look more like a work of art that you may find in a gallery. If you are new to wallpaper, you may want to start with self-stick wallpaper on an accent wall to make a statement.

You can go big and bold for a total room makeover with a custom design feel if you prefer. If you cannot decide, you may opt to frame a section of paper that you love for a custom print to adorn a wall.

Drop It on the Floor

Not ready to devote a wall to this new trend? You may prefer a floral rug to introduce the look into your modern home. With a variety of color palettes and versions, you may be overwhelmed with floral rug options. But chances are good you can decide on one that speaks to you and complements the other elements in your room.

Throw Conventions out the Door

Modern style is about taking risks and using classic elements in new ways. Take that approach with floral prints by combining them with other patterns or colors. For example, a vibrant floral-patterned sofa can work beautifully with other textiles, whether in geometric motifs or natural textures. A subtle floral design paired with bright colors may also turn heads.

Find Common Ground

The line between modern and eclectic is a thin one. So it’s up to you (or your interior designer) to balance the boldness with understated pieces. Perhaps neutral shades or even black and white can subdue a lush floral bloom, whether on wallpaper or on furniture. Jazzing up your linens in a bedroom or bath with bright flowered patterns can pop against white walls and fixtures. The trick is using floral prints with elegance and sophistication to elevate the trend.

Think Outside the Box

Who said floral prints had to focus on just flowers? The latest floral prints celebrate all of nature by incorporating animals, landscapes, or even tropical scenery into their designs. Whether you use chinoiserie fabrics or Zen-like single blossom prints, you can transform any room into a personal oasis or a designer showroom just by trying something new or taking an unconventional approach.

Venture into this new realm of modern floral prints on your own terms. You don’t have to know how to hang traditional wallpaper or redo an entire room to give this trend a try. Just begin by looking at design websites or magazines to get a feel for what you like and go from there. Allow your inspiration to blossom, and you can fall in love with this style on any scale in your home.

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