How to Style Your Fireplace

Your fireplace is a focal point in your home. Whether discreetly positioned in the corner of your living room or prominently featured in an open-concept design, make the most of your fireplace with these Santa Barbara interior design tips for a stunning interior design.

Revisit the Materials

It’s never too late to alter the material of your fireplace. Classic models may have a brick exterior, while more modern elements can include stone, metal or mixed materials. If you’re unhappy with the aesthetic of your existing fireplace, work with a professional interior designer to cover it with an alternative material.

A professional contractor can easily overlay old brick with a smooth, modern surface. For example, granite is becoming a popular option as it is easy to maintain and will give your home a sophisticated feel. You can take a look at sites like to get more ideas on incorporating a granite fireplace into your home.

Be sure to work with a designer before you make a decision about the material. Removing paint or a surface covering can be difficult, so review your plan to style your fireplace with the latest design software before committing to the project.

Tailor the Tone

Don’t forget to spend some time considering the color and mood when you style your fireplace. Are you creating a centerpiece for the entire family to gather around, or a modern feature that adds a pop of color and texture? Search for interior designers near me to discuss the best options to match the existing room or new interior design theme.

Some designers choose to paint the brick or stone fireplace. Find a comfortable accent color to the rest of your home. If the tone isn’t chosen carefully, it can lead to a jarring fireplace that doesn’t fit the rest of the design.

Personalize the Mantel Decor

Once the major interior design project is complete, it’s time to put the finishing touches on your fireplace. This built-in piece feels empty and uninviting without a decorated mantel. Spend time carefully considering the best decor for this slim piece of real estate.

A popular way to use your mantelpiece is to add a vase or lamp. Place a taller object on one side of the mantel and a smaller one on the other. These two items balance each other while still adding visual interest. If you’re looking for a more minimalist design, a single piece positioned at one end of the mantel can be all the visual interest you need.

Use care not to crowd your mantel, but don’t be afraid to add a few more details to bring the piece together. A little greenery, a keepsake or a portrait may be just the personal touch your mantel needs. For a larger design, consider a map or candles for a memorable touch.

Work with a Leading Designer

Decorating your fireplace is an excellent way to incorporate this built-in structure to your interior design. Work with a leading interior designer Pacific Palisades to reinvent your living room and create a fireplace with a modern flair. Improve the value of your home or add a cozy layer of personal comfort to make this the favorite part of your home.

How would you style your fireplace?

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