A Guide To Collecting Antiques

Many people are avid collectors of antiques, which might be fine antique jewellery or furniture. Collecting antique items can be combined with practical use. It is really a kind of passion, especially in modern times, when everything is machine made. If you are thinking of starting your own collection of antiques, here are a few important things to bear in mind.

Free Online Resources

The Internet hosts a wealth of information and you can learn about designers and furniture makers, as well as the history of any given period. The more knowledgeable you are, the more chance of discovering valuable pieces at flea markets and car boot sales and there are some real finds out there!

Define Your Passion

Don’t forget that collecting antiques should also be enjoyable and by focusing on pieces that inspire you, your collection will grow. It might be jewellery or furniture; if you are looking for vintage engagement rings Sydney or your city has, start looking online for an antique dealer near you who specialises in both vintage and antique jewellery. Some collectors stick to certain periods; it might be Victorian or Edwardian. Once you have defined your parameters, you can start to forge relationships with respected dealers.

Start With What Works For You Or Your Home

If you’re collecting antique furniture, only acquire pieces that fit with your decor, while collecting jewellery should only include items that you will wear. Of course, as time passes, your collection will no doubt incorporate pieces from different periods, that’s part of the pleasure of collecting fine antiques.

Create Budgets 

Some collectors create wish lists that are governed by cost. As you accumulate disposable income, your next target piece can be sourced.

It’s All About Networking

You will learn that starting a collection of antiques can involve building relationships. The more relationships you cultivate, the more extensive your network will be. Join all the Facebook antique groups and take part in discussions and when there are antique fairs, you should always attend if possible. Create a folder and save all web addresses that are antique-related and visit often. You will learn a lot from seasoned collectors and this will stand you in good stead as your collection grows.

Lifelong Learning

Even seasoned collectors are learning and with a lifelong learning mindset, your knowledge base will grow, which should enable you to make shrewd acquisitions. Attend the antique fairs and cultivate relationships with well-known online antique dealers and when you wish to source a specific piece, your network will be very beneficial.


You really should ask yourself what your goals are with your collection. It might be to be surrounded by stunning furniture, or to be able to accessorise your outfits with quality jewellery. If you are aiming to acquire a collection as a form of investment, this should be taken into account when selecting pieces. 

Once you have defined your goals, start forging relationships with dealers and other collectors, as this will prove to be invaluable as your collection grows. Let’s not forget that all of your acquisitions are assets that will appreciate over time and they require tender loving care.

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