Top 3 Perfect Birthday Gift Ideas for Dad

There are a lot of ways you can show your dad just how much you love him. One of which is by choosing the perfect gift on his special day. There is so much you can choose from that deciding which one can make the whole experience a bit overwhelming. But remember, no matter how stressful the entire process may seem, there’s nothing better than giving your personal touch for his birthday present. 

One you might consider is a gift that would invoke a sense of nostalgia in him. And the 80s might be the perfect theme for this! Whether it be retro transformers G1 toys, a book that reminds cherished memories, or a well-curated mixtape, it will boil down to which one you think suits him best.

To help you brainstorm for your birthday gift ideas for Dad here’s a guide for you to finally find the perfect gift for Him:

Birthday Gift Ideas for Dad: Vintage Toys

This tip right here might cost you the most out of all the listings here, but hey, someone has to step up their gift-giving game. Say, your dad might not have been transfixed with the hype when the first-ever Transformers comic book commercial was released. However, it’s never too late to give him time to obsess with these vintage gems now. What’s not to like? This toy line was anything but boring. Who knows? Transformers g1 toys might be the perfect gift he’ll ever get, especially if your dad is one of those people who like the rare and the cool. 

Books From The 80s

When it comes to books, a classic is undoubtedly a good read for old and young alike. Nothing beats kick-ass literature with great stories to tell and has aged well. So if you mean to gift your dad a book, you can never go wrong picking one written back in the 80s. Check out selections from the web or your local book store, and from there, pick the one you think is the perfect fit for a gent like your dad.

Mixtape of His Favorite 80s Songs

Making a mixtape may be painstaking, but envision giving one to your dad. You’ll see the visible nostalgia he gets when he reminisces the ecstasy of 80’s youth culture. He would surely be delighted with a gift that would make him revisit a decade where the times are more straightforward, and many of his firsts took place.

He might even entrance you with stories he had to tell from back in the days over a cup of coffee while listening to the tracks. But make sure you got a paper and pen before you make one, though. You certainly don’t want to include songs from bands he despises. Make sure you do your research weeks or days before making your dad’s ultimate 80’s mixtape. A personalized gift ensures a more genuine delight.

Consider the nostalgia factor as the primary key for the listings gathered here. Giving your dad a warm throwback will not only make him thankful for being able to relive his cherished days, but he will also know how much he means to you with all the effort you made. And for a bonus, you get to discover how pretty cool the decades back then were.

Bonus: A Unique Phone Case Just for Him

A personalized gift is one of the most thoughtful things you can give as a present. Since you know your dad the best, you are aware of his likes and interest so it should be easy for you to design a phone cover for his smartphone. Almost everyone carries a mobile phone nowadays because they’re essential for modern living. A personalized phone case is a great gift that also helps protect their device from bumps and scratches so they can get the most use out of it.

What are your top birthday gift ideas for Dad?


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