A Non-Vaper’s Guide to Vaping Gifts

If you are a non-vaping person looking for vaping gifts for your vape-lover friend, you’ve just hit the right spot!

Vaping friends are no ordinary friends; they do not deserve to be settled with ordinary gifts.

You ought to gift them things they would love the most, i.e. Vaping objects. It might be a little frustrating to find the perfect gift, but we are here to the rescue. We have curated a list of ideas which is mentioned below:

A Vaping Device

One is never enough. Your friends will surely love this addition of a new device in his/her vaping collection. But before you buy a new device, there is some homework to do. You need to gain some knowledge about the types of vapes and e-cigarettes available and find out which ones are preferred by your friend. Basically, there are two major categories of e-cigarettes: Open Systems and Closed Systems.

Open System Vape is an integrated set of clearomizer, battery and a mouthpiece. These vapes can be easily refilled. In a closed system, a device is just a single unit. The parts cannot be separated and it cannot be refilled. Open systems comparatively larger than the closed systems. Vapers like either one of them. Your task is to find out your friend’s preference.

Once you find out the choice of systems, you will get a lot of amazing options to choose from. You can find the most unique vape devices. A pen-looking vape, a box-like one, a shiny attractive vape, or the most subtle easy-to-hide one; you just name it. 


The entire vaping game is based on e-liquids. E-liquids are also known as e-juices. People having vague knowledge about vaping believe e-liquids are all about flavours, which is absolutely untrue.

E-liquids are a solution of propylene glycol, vegetable glycerin, flavourings, and nicotine. These liquids vary on the basis of their PG/VG ratios or the nicotine strength. PG/PG ratio is basically the quantity ratio between propylene glycol and vegetable glycerin. The ratio usually depends on the flavours of the e-liquids. On the other hand, nicotine strength is highly dependent on the user. It is a known fact that vaping is a substitute for traditional smoking. It’s done to get rid of tobacco addiction. Depending on the level of addiction, one chooses the level of nicotine. Nicotine strength in e-liquids ranges from 0mg to 24mg. If your friend is someone who recently has been a smoking addict, he/she would necessarily require higher levels of nicotine in their e-liquids.

Now when you plan on buying e-liquids for a vape-lover, always remember, it’s not only about the flavours!

A Vape Case or a Box

Any vape-lover would love to have a case or a box, especially for their vaping objects. A vape box is a very handy thing to gift. Your friend can very conveniently take his/her vaping set anywhere. A box would be more adored if the person likes the open system. One can keep their device, charger, e-liquid and all the necessary vaping things together. You can get it customized with the name of the person too.

Note: Look for the vape box or case which has sufficient space to accommodate different devices.

Vape Apparel

Nothing could be cooler than wearing apparel with awesome vape graphics. Any vape lover would love to wear stuff that reflects their vaping passion. There is a variety of t-shirts, mugs, hoodies, caps etc. Customization is also available. You can find these products on Etsy Stores. If you don’t like any of the things online, you still have the option to go to printing stores. You can get a design of your choice and get it printed on a t-shirt, hoodie or a mug.

Air Freshener

The smoke from a vape only contains fruity flavours, but ultimately it’s smoke! It can bother some people. Considering the comfort of the ones around, it is a good idea to get an air freshener.

Also, Air Fresheners are a saviour when one doesn’t want others to know about them vaping. You can get a pack of some air fresheners with nice fragrances. They can easily mask the smell of smoke.

Vape Magazine Subscription

A vape enthusiast is always keen on knowing everything about the vaping industry. Learning about new devices, flavours and the latest developments is a perpetual source of joy to them. Vape Magazines are the best to get all the information.

If your friend loves to read about vapes, get him/her a vape magazine subscription. There are many vape magazines available. You can either sign up for an online subscription or place an order with monthly magazines to reach your friend’s home.

Vape Gift Coupons

If none of the ideas helps you in any way, this will surely do. Various vaping websites provide Vape Gift Coupons at amazing prices. These vape deals can be the last resort when you can’t find the right gift. To make this voucher look more thoughtful by getting coupons from your friend’s favourite online vape store.

Bond Over Vaping…

Giving vape products to a vape-lover on their special day is the best thing you can do for them. The gift will not only make vaping merrier but will also render your bond stronger!


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