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We have all heard of Fish, Liver, Olive, and even CBD Oil. We are all aware that they’re closely linked to a healthy lifestyle too. Each of them holds nutrients and minerals, as well as medicinal properties, which our body needs for healing and rejuvenation. They sure weren’t kidding when they said that nature provides for all our needs!

The Problem With OTC Drugs

Over-The-Counter or OTC drugs are widely used by people worldwide. This is because these lab-tested and produced medications are easy to procure or find. They’re highly effective and fast-acting too. People find them convenient to take because of their vast availability and usefulness. However, what they also fail to see are the long term effects OTC drugs will have on their bodies. Read more about this here:

Despite the fast-acting cure and instant pain relief we get from OTC drugs, they are still (nonetheless) laboratory synthesized chemicals that are not meant to be a part of our bodies. Sure, they help but they are far from what you’d call “natural” no matter how hard manufacturers try to convince buyers that they are. Even if it’s not now, your body will eventually feel the toll of taking pharmaceutical medications sooner or later. And the very first ones to be affected are most likely your most trusted pair of kidneys.

I’m pretty sure you’ve observed this as well but humans have pretty poor tolerance for pain these days. Just a little scratch or tummy ache and they go crying to mommy. Well, this is a bit of an exaggeration but I’m pretty sure you get the point. While it’s true that people in general dislike pain (I’m seriously questioning your identity if you do!), we used to have a much higher tolerance for it. However, because we’re so used to instant relief, this tolerance has plummeted. Tell me this is not true but don’t you immediately run for Band-Aids because of a measly paper cut? I’m telling you, that’s just how low our tolerance for pain is these days.

What people don’t know is that by choosing the easy way out, by choosing the fastest way to eliminate pains and aches, they are digging their own graves. They are basically warming up for even greater pain in the future. OTC drugs are not without side effects. Paired with their promise of instant relief is a future of pain – and possibly addiction. Check this out for instance. 

Have you ever been on dialysis before? It’s when you have to run through an external machine just to have it cleaned. People who’ve abused their kidneys have to depend on external machines and devices to clean their bloodstream. And guess what the usual causes of kidney and renal failure are? Junk food and OTC drugs. Your poor kidneys can only really take so much. When they finally give out, you’ll have no other person to blame but yourself.

This is why I’m encouraging you to switch to the natural side. Use Sea Buckthorn Oil to improve your health.         

What Is Sea Buckthorn Oil?

sea buckthorn oil

This world has many gifts. It is abundant in what we really need to survive. We simply need to find out the best ways to reap this Earth’s blessings. Haven’t you ever wondered how people of the past survived? They don’t really have pain relief medicine back then and there certainly weren’t formal hospitals to fend for their medical needs and yet, humanity has managed to survive for this long. 

Sea Buckthorn is rich in vitamins, minerals, as well as all omega acids that your body needs in order to be in tip top shape. Particularly, the Omega 7 from SeabuckWonders is something that can boost your immune system as well as nourish your skin.  In fact, the effects of taking it will show in your face (literally) as prolonged use helps the condition of the skin as well. While it is not a specific cure to any disease, it helps fight off many common and uncommon illnesses and is a great preventative measure for diseases that may fester the body.

Sea Buckthorn Oil is the latest in the world of herbalism. It is 100% natural and offers many of the benefits people get from the laboratory synthesized supplements. There are many Sea Buckthorn products from lotion and creams to even shampoo products.

However, we still believe that the best way to reap all of its benefits is when you ingest or take it internally in the form of soft gel capsules. When you take it orally, the nutrients and omega fatty acids unique to this plant will get into your bloodstream and be evenly distributed throughout the cells of your body. Sea Buckthorn is great at restoring your cells’ to optimum health.

You may also use creams and lotions, or the supplements (you just have to tear them open), on external regions of the body. For instance, Sea Buckthorn oil helps reduce inflammations and erase acne marks on the face so it can really help people who have facial skin problems. Many of us feel self-conscious when we don’t look our best. Well, this product can help us feel like ourselves. It’s a great way to boost your confidence! It’s best to use at night before you go to bed too That way, the nutrients can really seep in. 


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