Your Sure-Fire Guide to Buying a 2-Carat Diamond

“A Diamond is Forever”. This slogan has been used by the De Beers Group for decades and it has easily become one of the most well-recognized branding statements in existence. Of course, the immortality of the stone itself is inextricably linked to qualities such as color, cut, carat, and clarity. These variables will also determine its price.

If you are searching for a diamond that is not overly expensive and still stunning to behold, the size will come into play. One extremely striking option is to consider a stone of two carats. Often referred to as a “statement diamond”, the size of this precious gem will undoubtedly leave a lasting impression. Let’s now look at some factors to consider so that you can make an informed decision when buying a 2 carat diamond.

The Role of Clarity

When dealing with smaller stones (such as 0.5 carats), clarity is not a major issue. The majority of inclusions are very difficult to spot with the naked eye. However, these imperfections become more noticeable as the size of your stone increases. This why most experts agree that you should opt for a diamond that has been rated VS2 (very slightly included) or higher.

Take the Cut Into Account

The main intention of the cut of a diamond is to allow the stone to refract and reflect the maximum amount of natural light. Diamonds of a higher clarity will naturally shine more brilliantly. This is why the cut of a 2-carat stone is just as important. There are also times when a certain cut may be able to hide inclusions. In other words, you can spend a bit more money while still enjoying a diamond that truly sparkles. 

What About the Color?

As we mentioned previously, diamonds are also graded on their color. This rating system has been simplified so that it is easy to understand. Here is a summary:

  • L to Z: Faint or light colors.
  • K: Faint
  • I to G: Nearly colorless
  • F to E: Colorless

Due to the refractive mechanics of a diamond, larger stones will often trap any internal colors more than their smaller counterparts. So, even slight undertones can stand out when viewed. If the color is an extremely important factor, it is wise to choose a stone with a rating of G or higher.

Dealing with Professionals

Finally, be sure to work with a jeweler or diamond dealer who possesses the proper certifications. Membership within the Gemological Institute of America (GIA) or the American Gem Society) AMS will ensure superior levels of transparency. You can also rest assured in the fact that the diamonds themselves have been properly graded.

To learn more about your choices, you can always search diamonds and their specific sizes with the help of the Internet. A two-carat stone is certainly a sight to behold and you will be amazed at the many options. Above all, when buying a 2 carat diamond, base your final decision upon what you consider to be the most attractive stone. 


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