How to Dress Yourself for a Colorful Winter: A Style Guide

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You might feel compelled to wear monochromatic colors during winter because everybody’s doing it. Black and grays are usually the winter wardrobe of choice during the cold season. People dress up in the weather’s gloomy mood: black sweaters, gray shirts, dark jeans, and metallic boots.

Although there’s nothing wrong with wearing dark winter wear, it won’t hurt to don bright hues, as well. Why not stand out from the crowd with your yellow Gucci pants, neon Balenciaga shoes, and bright red Descente ski jacket? There’s more than one way to dress for cold weather. Brighten up your winter wardrobe with cheery hues of red, yellow, and green. Here are some suggestions.

A Guide to Colorful Winterized Clothing

You don’t see a lot of colorful sweaters and coats in winter. Unless Christmas season is coming up, people usually dress in bleary colors that reflect the overall mood during the coldest months of the year. Brighten the atmosphere wherever you go by wearing the brightest shades you own.

A splash of red

Nothing brightens up the room like a bright, fire truck red sweater. Red is the color most associated with passion and other blazing emotions, so it’s no wonder that even a dash of bright red on your clothing can immediately freshen up your look. If you’re out on a trip to the mall or on a casual walk with friends, you can tone down the red and limit it to a red scarf or a pair of red shoes. If you’re out on a date, you can go all out and wear a bright red dress, a red sweater, or an alluring shade of red on your coat.

A dash of green

Green is the color people associate with nature the most. Even looking at it relaxes people enough to feel like they’re in the presence of Mother Nature. Wearing a dash of green anywhere on your daily outfit will remind you of warmer times. You can definitely stand out from the crowd with a bright green fleece sweater. On the flip side, wearing green pants can motivate you to move around. What you wear and how you feel about it affects your mood, so wearing a happy color like green will definitely help you feel energized.

A smidgen of yellow

Yellow is the universal color of happiness. People can take one look at your outfit with yellow hues and feel a slight shift in their mood. Yellow is a bright color that works well with a lot of other winter wardrobe choices. An elegant ensemble of a statement coat, straight-cut pants, and a pressed blouse will definitely lighten up when topped with a sunny yellow beanie. You can brighten a black winter dress with a yellow scarf or a yellow statement belt. Experiment with layers and wear yellow clothing even to the grocers.

Experiment with your clothing style choices this coming winter season. Break free from the monotony of monochromatic colors and brighten the mood anywhere you go with bold, colorful statement pieces in red, yellow, and green hues.

Wearing bright colors not only improves your mood for the day, but also helps you be noticeable in a crowd of grays, blacks, and whites. Dressing up for lower temperatures doesn’t mean you need to tone down the colors to suit the weather. Wear the colors that will lift your spirits and those you will meet.


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