Safe Storage Sydney: Your Number One Self Storage Choice

Finding safe storage in Sydney can be necessary in a number of scenarios, whether you’ve downsized and don’t have the space for all of your things, or you’re in the process of moving and need a place to hold your belongings while you get your new home ready.

Making Safety A Priority From The Start

Of primary importance is ensuring that your possessions remain safe in either situation, requiring substantial research into the facility options in your local Sydney area and the security features each provides. Click this link for the debate on using storage.

One way to take responsibility for the safety of your belongings before placing them with any self-storage business is to create an inventory list of things you’ll be keeping in the unit for which you will duplicate for the person in charge at the company. It’s wise to include serial numbers for any electronic equipment and an approximate value for the objects. 

The list will keep your memory fresh on what’s in storage plus provide documentation if the time comes that you need to file an insurance claim.

What To Look For With The Right Storage Company In Sydney

There are plenty of Sydney storage facilities to choose among, but in finding one that suits your specific needs and meets the requirements you have for security and safety, it takes research. Each place is different in its layout and the options.

Here are the things you should pay attention to:

Multiple “Levels” Of Protection

You can never have too much security, and the first thing that a prime facility will offer is a fence or a gate that goes around the entire outline to keep individuals with no purpose for being on the property out with entry denied. The ideal situation will involve key code entry and exit from the structures.

Another level of security is the use of video surveillance to watch over the property for intruders so that there is the potential for identification and consequences if there were ill intentions. 

Having employees on shifts around the clock is another example of added security for a quality storage service. Even if the company is closed to active business, there can be an individual on duty strictly as a means to deter violations.

Environmentally Sound

Particularly when the units are outside, it’s wise to find a place that has provisions for harsh weather such as excessive snow, stormy conditions, heavy rainfall, a fire breakout, flooding, rust/corrosion, or other types of catastrophes. The structures should be well sealed and wholly secured.

In a perfect situation, the structures will be climate-controlled or ventilated. If you don’t believe there is sufficient protection from the elements where your unit is located, you might ask for a different location or perhaps change your provider entirely. Visit here for guidance on maximizing your storage experience.

Insurance Provisions

Insurance is a vital component when storing your personal items in case anything was to happen like theft, loss due to unforeseen circumstances or destruction, or potentially pest infestation. If the self-store business you choose offers no type of insurance, it’s in your best interest to search for another company, particularly if there is any value at all, sentimental or otherwise, to the objects you are attempting to place.

If the company does provide insurance, you need to inquire as to the amount covered and which items are not eligible. Some items are irreplaceable if lost, but insurance will at least help you find something close to the original or recoup the monetary value.

Take Steps Personally

If you expect the facility to provide high-quality security measures, it’s fruitless if you don’t employ some methods of safety to protect your belongings first and foremost. Before sending things to the structure, make sure they’re prepared to be stored and invest in a non-destructive lock that wire cutters can’t cut into.

You also want to be especially selective about the people with whom you share the key code and those you give a key to your unit. This is negating the security of your possessions, but it is also putting other people in the yard at risk when other people (not a part of the facility) are given access.

In many situations, people tend to haphazardly close the structure’s door and believe they, in turn, shut the lock tight, but it doesn’t fasten. It’s critical to double-check the lock before leaving the unit to make sure it’s closed, and the door is sealed. These are heavy doors with secure locks, but it boils down to user error in a majority of cases when the units get broken into, and the property is stolen.

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Top-Quality Self-Storage Companies

Before seeking out quality safe storage in Sydney, you need to do an inventory of your items and make a plan for how you intend to load the objects into a facility. It takes careful planning, research, and seeking out recommendations from service professionals. 

You’ll want to secure a private insurance policy on your things aside from the facility’s offering of insurance for any unexpected circumstances out of your control – or the company’s. Ultimately, you as the renter, will be responsible for the loss. Having a private plan in addition to the “pay-with-rent “offering some companies offer helps recoup some costs or allow you to invest in something similar.

As a rule, you want to research your options when it comes to safe storage in Sydney until you find a quality provider who meets your concerns relating to safety and security. The possessions you place in the unit should be taken care of as you would those within your household. 

Most of these companies go above and beyond requirements with heavy metal doors, climate control for some is applicable, and key code access is mandatory. Still, none of these will benefit you if the items are broken when transporting to the facility, or they are put in the unit in a risky manner. Success with storage depends not only on the company that you utilize but on the attention to detail of the renter. 


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