Septic Tank System At Home – Why You Need One

Many people around the world are looking for ways to reduce environmental hazards across the world. Atlanta is one of the cities where people take nature and the natural environment way too seriously. 

This is one of the cities in America where the economy and nature are continuing to grow side by side. As unusual as it might sound, there are people who are still using septic tank system at home. Although this practice is more common among people from the suburban region instead of the city side, septic service in Atlanta is definitely more common than what you think. 

If you are unaware of what a septic tank system is, we will discuss in detail septic tanks and the advantages of using one. 

What Is A Septic System? 

A septic tank system is an underground facility that helps in the management of wastewater in the house. There are different chambers, a draining, and absorption capacity. The system is designed in a way that the plumbing system of the house works efficiently and organically. It does this without the use of a public sewage system and high-end, powerful chemical-based products up the drain. 

A septic tank system also aims to isolate wastewater correctly so that the groundwater does not get polluted which creates an environmental and health hazard in your land.

Necessity of a Septic Tank 

A septic tank system is mandatory for a residence that is located in an area that is raised, or just too far from the normal sewage pipes. Nowadays many people are also willing to install a septic tank in a location next to sewage pipes. This is mainly due to environmental and personal health benefits.

Need for A Septic Tank 

That being said, you can also start by getting a septic tank, irrespective of the fact there is a drainage plant present. Below are some of the reasons why you would need to make use of the Byers Septic tank services or services from a similar company so that you can have a septic tank for your home.

Economical Wastewater Management 

A septic tank system is only based on your home and it serves on your personal property, unlike the public sewage systems that are known to be connected with many households and properties in their way.

Having a personal septic tank system that is designed and set to handle the wastewater issues of a single residence can actually come in quite handy and economical. You are not only eliminating the risk of developing diseases on a city level. You are also reducing your expenditure by eliminating monthly service charges of maintenance. 

For people who live in societies where the water bill has to be paid. You will come across the fact that having a septic tank system is much more economically feasible as you will be managing your schedule and the limitations of your septic system in the following household chores: 

  • Laundry 
  • Doing dishes 
  • Taking shower 
  • Washing the car 

Environmental Feasibility 

It’s clear that in the case of any malfunction to the sewer system, not only will it affect a single household but rather all the other households will be infected with some dangerous health hazards. You can actually think of it as a danger to the entire city or at least one or two housing societies. 

As discussed earlier, when a sewage system becomes faulty or there is irregular damage to the pipes, the entire neighborhood sharing the same pipes can be at risk. This kind of damage on a city level can actually lead to environmental pollution. 

However, it is also possible to damage your septic tank if you are not cleaning and maintaining it regularly. Many of us don’t consider the different implications that come with properly using the tank. But the fact is that this kind of contamination. So damage is quite low in comparison to any damage done to sewage pipes. And as such, it can be controlled easily. 

Just make sure that you are keeping your septic system regularly maintained and cleaned. 

Low Maintenance 

Irrespective of the type of material you are using in your septic tank, having a well-built septic tank will last for several years. And the regular septic tank pumping duration is after every three to five years, contingent on your water usage. However, you still need to get it inspected annually or after every two years to ensure that there are no possible faults or malfunctions in the entire system and that it continues to operate optimally.

Usually, there is no such requirement to substitute a septic tank if you are inspected or drained on a regular basis. The maximum you need to do is to get the tank repaired in case there is some major clogging but honestly, you are okay as long as the inspections are regular.   

Natural Filter for Soil and Plantation 

Septic tanks are also capable of using drain fields or leaching fields that serve as organic barriers to strain the wastewater before it enters the soil. As a result, the bacteria have effectively been eliminated as soon as the water touches the ground. d. This natural process of filtering, in fact, helps the plants and animals within your house.

Apart from this, water that is eliminated from the septic tank to goes into the ground. This water improve soil quality throughout your house and surrounding areas. It makes plants grow rapidly and offers fodder for butterflies, birds, and other beautiful creations of nature. 

Reduce Carbon Footprint

Once you have a fully functioning septic tank in your house, it is possible for you to easily reduce your carbon footprint. Besides being more mindful of the quantity of moisture you utilize, you can even help to regenerate the groundwater underneath the land where your property is located with an effective septic tank at home. This is the essence of a healthy lifestyle.

Ability to Handle Responsibility 

As with being mindful of your water consumption, installing a septic tank at home helps you to be a much more cautious owner. You’ll learn how to take proper care of whatever you’re using in the home. This includes the bathroom or the shower and even the dishes. Many people across the world do not realize the quantity of water they use and even waste. At least not until they get in touch with much more convenient ways of using water such as via septic tanks. 

Apart from this, maintenance of these tanks is also a responsibility. But you obviously need money to get professional septic tank pumping. The hope is that people plan to save money throughout the year to get their tanks pumped. They can do this by eliminating unwanted things from their shopping lists. 

Maintenance of Septic Tanks 

Here are a few things everyone interested in installing a septic tank system at home should know about: 

  • You cannot dump everything in the toilet. Avoid flushing down tampons, cigarettes, cat litter, etc. 
  • Avoid running down chemical-based products like bleach, paint, thinners, and turpentine through the pipes. 
  • Do not flush condoms because they are latex-based and will not dissolve in water. 
  • Eliminate as much grease and oil as you can to avoid building up a first dirty layer of oils. 
  • Avoid dumping in any kinds of drugs
  • Do not wash your dishes with leftovers still on the plate.


Septic tanks are extremely important for the environment as they reduce the damage done by public sewage systems. You can also experience a change in your lifestyle habits. So think about getting a septic tank system at home.

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