Ways to Identify the Best Electronic Cigarette for You

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Electronic cigarettes are becoming more common every day as a great alternative to smoking . They are so common that even on social media, you are likely to find vape enthusiasts sharing videos while they smoke up and perform smoke tricks. Many people are picking up e-cigarettes because they offer a comfortable and clean alternative to smoking. Unless you have a pal who already uses a vape, you’ll find yourself having a hard time purchasing your first e-cigarette or vape and finding the best electronic cigarette for you.

In this article, you’ll find help in choosing which type and style of e-cigarette best suits your taste.

Know Your Goal and Budget

Different users have different intentions. If you are planning to vape for only a short time, you may not want to spend money on durable e-cigarette devices. However, if you are seeking a long-term alternative and still intend on enjoying your nicotine, you’ll have to invest more in a sustainable and rechargeable device.

When it comes to your budget, switching from tobacco to e-cigarettes guarantees that you will save some of your money. Nonetheless, if you are planning on long-term options, be prepared to spend some more money initially.

Also, if you have not yet tried an e-cigarette, I advise that you begin with a disposable one as a first timer. This is in case you end up not liking the vaping experience. 

Types of Electronic Cigarettes:




1. Cig-a-like

-Rechargeable battery

-Disposable cartridge/atomizer

-Resembles a classic cigarette


2. Vape pods

-Similar to cig-a-likes and usually sealed

-Pack a little more flavor and power


3. Vape pens

-Larger than vape pods

-Produces stronger vapor and gives heavier hits

Beginner & Intermediate

4.Box mods

– Have a box-shaped structure

– More powerful than all of the other e-cigarette types

– Offers wattage and temperature control


Once you go through the above chart, you can identify the various types of electronic cigarettes that are available. With the information from the table, you can select a device that suits you. Whether it’s from an online store like epuffer.com or a physical retail store, you can differentiate these devices as you decide which one you need.

Decide On a Flavor

E-juice flavors tend to get as exotic as you can imagine. Do some research about the different flavors offered. Read reviews from different users on what their experiences have been with various e-juices. As soon as you gather some experience, you can soon engineer custom flavors.

It’s also essential that you find a brand that offers a flavor you enjoy.

Check for Quality and Performance

There are a variety of things you should check to authenticate whether the device offers the best quality:

-Lasting duration of the cartridges

-Battery durability

-Amount of vapor production

– A variety of charging options

Look for Serial Numbers

You’ll find that original e-cigarettes have serial numbers displayed on the battery and atomizer’s connector parts. It is easy to identify these numbers with a magnifying glass.

In conclusion, when it comes to electronic cigarettes, there’s something for everybody. Do your research in order to find the best electronic cigarette for you and always remember – e-cigarettes should only be used by adults!


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