Why there is a better alternative to adult chat than OF

This is a NSFW guest post. We are all adults here (and if you’re not, skip this post) and in order to discuss different angles and types of relationships we wanted to discuss the topic of adult chat. This, of course, has risen in popularity due to the pandemic, so if you’re looking for options and want to steer clear of the big name sites, then this post is for you.

Most of the people who try out spicy chat with a girl on a site like OF (we aren’t going to name it explicitly, but we are sure you know what we mean. Starts with only and second word rhymes with cans) are going to end up being disappointed to the point where they never really try to chat with anyone ever again. That’s the power that a bad chat session has and it’s really too bad. If you have a bad adult chat session then you just want to completely forget about it and you’ll probably end up thinking that it’s what it is always like. Just look at this article from Red Online. They go into a lot of detail about what makes a good chat session and it’s clear that it takes a whole lot of work. It also takes a lot of intimacy. 

Why isn’t it a wise choice to chat on OF?

If you’re trying to find adult chat on sites like the aforementioned then you’re never going to be happy with the results. The simple fact is that the women on the site are just way too popular to put the time into giving you a good chatting session. There are so many guys trying to chat with them that they can’t put in the energy to make each one good. Understandably. If that’s what you’ve already realized then don’t give up on it. There are other ways to go about it instead.

2. Many girls hire their chatters

The big thing that most of the professional women on these sites don’t want you to know is the fact that they all hire other people to chat guys up for them instead of doing it themselves. It stands to reason, too. There are just too many people paying them! They don’t want to give up all of that money just because they can’t do the work themselves.

All they have to do is hire outsource the work to someone who will pose as them and they still get to enjoy all of the cash they are earning. Once you figure out that you’re chatting with someone who isn’t the famous woman you’re paying then you’re never going to want to try it again. 

3. It isn’t the perfect place to find someone to have a spicy chat with

You just have to remember that OF isn’t the only place for you to get your chats. Just read this article from Phys.org. They ran a poll and found out that almost 60% of the women in the world like to have spicy chat sessions with other people. That means that there’s no lack of girls who want to have a good time with you. You just have to be able to find them first.

4. Find real buddies for adult chat on a trusted site

Firstly, if  you are up for the task then find real women for adult chatting and you won’t be scammed. This is a platform that only exists to let men and women that are looking for some fun find each other. You’re never going to find a professional adult film star or cam model here. It’s all about regular women finding real men to play chat with. That’s how you know that you’ll never get tricked like you would on OF.

If you really are looking for connection and not to pay for a service, then this is the type of site that you will be into.

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