5 Hair Loss Myths Experts Have Proven Wrong

Do you find that your hair is beginning to become thinner than it was years ago? Well actually, there is no need to worry as this happens to everyone. Hair loss is common to all, particularly when you are over 50 years old or balding runs in your genes. Many middle-aged people’s hair grows finer as the diameter of their hair follicles decreases and the amount of hair they grow decreases. This means that hair that falls out of certain areas of their scalps cannot regenerate because the hair follicles remain permanently in a state of rest.

The truth and explanations for our hair loss problems are always a bit of a mystery to us. We are often prevented from knowing why it happens and how we can avoid it. The reality is that hair loss is perfectly normal. Unfortunately, when it comes to thinning hair, and hair breakage, there are common myths that can easily mislead. In this post, we’ll learn why these hair loss myths are, as the word suggests, untrue.

Sometimes, despite an individual’s best efforts, hair loss does occur. If you are experiencing hair loss and your confidence has suffered as a result, there are, thankfully, a wealth of options on the market today. If you are looking for a hair transplant UK, the team at Enhance Hair can help. With state of the art clinics and award winning surgeons, the team can deliver outstanding results at a highly competitive price. 

5 Hair Loss Myths Experts Have Proven Wrong

Before we start tackling our hair loss myths, here is an important piece of advice to help improve your hair loss problems. One of the best options for immediate hair and scalp improvement is to opt for hair replacement services. Hair replacement is one of the most popular treatments for hair loss. Singapore Aesthetic Clinic offers hair loss treatment that give you satisfying results.

First Myth: There’s no need to wash hair every day with actual shampoo because dry shampoo will do

You might have heard about dry shampoo and how it’s a quick solution if you need your hair to look less oily. Athletes and people who tend to go to the gym usually use dry shampoos, especially if they don’t have enough time to shower. Dry shampoo works by extracting sebum from the scalp. Although preventing the hair from looking oily, it’s not recommended for frequent use and particularly not as a replacement shampoo. 

Bear in mind that while dry shampoo prevents the roots from appearing sticky, it doesn’t get rid of the build-up of impurities, fungi or bacteria that may otherwise be around the scalp. This will cause further build-up in the long run that will irritate the scalp, weaken hair follicles, which can, at its worst, lead to more hair falling.

Second Myth: Consuming MSG-rich foods increases chances of hair loss

If you love to eat instant noodles or any salty snack, people may have warned you about its negative effect on your hair. Well, there is no valid proof to support the argument that MSG can cause hair loss. But MSG-rich foods do not contain the essential nutrients our body and hair need. This can be a cause of hair loss. When one is fond of eating junk food (with high amounts of MSG), instead of consuming healthy nutrients, they get unnecessary toxins in their body that block the essential nutrients they ingest.

So when it comes to stimulating hair development, eating a healthy diet goes a long way. Consuming foods that contain good nutrients such as protein, biotin and iron can really help with hair growth development. Eggs, fatty fish, sweet potatoes, and avocados are fantastic additions to your diet if you want to start helping your scalp produce healthier hair.

Third Myth: Combing the hair can be risky and cause hair loss

We tend to shed a lot of hair every day without even noticing it. The only time we tend to notice it is when we shower and brush our hair. As we brush our hair, there will always be at least a few strands of hair that get caught in the brush. This is very normal. So there’s no need at all to worry that brushing your hair causes hair loss. One should equally bear in mind, however, that there is a correct way to brush your hair, and if done properly, brushing can even help to stimulate hair growth.

One way to properly brush your hair is by brushing from the ends before working your way to the roots, one section of your head at a time. This way, before brushing it from the root to the ends, you work the knots out, and it’s much more gentle on the strands. When they are wet, our hair strands are also a lot more vulnerable to breakage, so it’s best that you wait for your hair to dry before brushing. Brushing wet or damp hair can cause unnecessary damage.

Fourth Myth: Tying your hair causes a lot of damage and leads to hair loss

It’s okay to tie your hair into a regular ponytail, but there are a few things to remembered. Do not tie your hair while it’s still damp, as this can result in a humid and hot atmosphere that allows bacteria to proliferate, contributing to problems with your scalp. Be sure to let your hair down from a ponytail to air dry if showering is not possible immediately after exercise, as the scalp is moist from sweat. Just like we’ve mentioned earlier, the hair when wet can be vulnerable and easily get damaged.

The only time it’s safe to tie your hair is when it’s not damp or wet. Also, don’t tie your hair too tightly. Avoid elastic bands if you can. Instead, use a scrunchie if you need to tie your hair up on a regular basis.

Fifth Myth: No regular washing of dyed hair

Dyeing hair is so popular nowadays that even quite young people are starting to colour their hair on their own. Some people even change their hair colour every month! If you have bleached or dyed your hair, your stylist may have advised you to use a colour shampoo to maintain its colour. Experts suggest opting for a colour shampoo to avoid colour loss, preferably one that isn’t creamy as this is less likely to make the scalp oily.

Let me know your thoughts on these hair loss myths!

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