Things You Need to Keep in Mind While Picking a Post-Chemotherapy Wig

Chemotherapy wig: Row of female head mannequins with different colour and style of wigs.

One of the many concerns people face during cancer treatment is hair loss. They often worry about how chemotherapy is going to change their appearance and how their lives are going to get affected because of it. Professionals and executives are often worried about going back to work as they don’t want to draw unnecessary attention to themselves. Thankfully, it’s easy to choose a wig well before your scheduled chemotherapy session. You can find a piece that resembles your natural hairstyle and is comfortable to be worn all day long. Here are 4 tips that should help you find the best post-chemotherapy wig within your budget.

Start by Trying on Your First Wig 

The only way to get through the initial trepidation is by trying on your first wig. Simply head over to a wig store and ask them for a recommendation. Just wear the wig and look at yourself in the mirror. Give yourself some time to get adjusted to your new look. Once you get an idea about how natural wigs look and how comfortable they are you are ready to select your first wig. Ask the wig store executive to show you all kinds of wigs. Some stores even have special lace front wigs for cancer patients. Try on different styles and types to zero in on the best wig that fits your budget.

Buy a Wig Before You Lose Your Hair

There is a reason why this is one of the most commonly given advice. The emotional toll of losing your natural hair is often amplified by the pressure of adjusting to a new look. Give yourself some time to select a perfect wig. If you don’t want people to notice your altered look, pick a wig that closely mimics your natural hair.

No matter what, buy your post-chemotherapy wig in advance and get used to wearing it. In an attempt to get adjusted to your new look, you can even go out wearing the wig before you start losing your natural hair.

Consider Buying a Wig Cap or Comfort Cap

If you are reading this post, then the chances are you have little or no experience wearing wigs. So here’s a quick tip – always buy a comfortable wig cap. A wig often feels comfortable when you are at the store. However, when you wear it for long stretches it may start to irritate your scalp. A wig cap creates a barrier between the artificial hair and your scalp and keeps you comfortable.

Try Both Synthetic and Human-Hair Wigs

Each of these two wig types has their unique sets of advantages and disadvantages. Firstly, the price.  Synthetic wigs are significantly cheaper than human-hair wigs for obvious reasons. They also come pre-styled, so you don’t need to use styling tools. You can just put on the wig and head outside.

The more expensive human-hair wigs are made with real hair. This allows you to style the wig using styling tools. This means you can curl them or leave them straight or even trim them if required. All of that styling convenience comes at a cost as wigs with human hair cost significantly more than synthetic wigs.

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