5 Things to Bring to Your Next Trade Show

view from a balcony at a makeup industry trade show with stalls and many people walking about

According to Bizzabo, the most successful businesses spend 1.7 times their average marketing budget on live events like trade shows. Of course, with so much competition out there, if you want to make the most of those dollars spent, you’ll want to be sure that you’re bringing these things with you when you go to get the most out of the experience at a trade show.

Great Giveaways

Everybody likes free stuff, but corporate mugs and pens are so unoriginal they can cause attendees to roll their eyes and pass your booth right by. Instead of giving away the same boring items emblazoned with your company’s logo, think cool giveaways, like headphones, microfiber cloths, USB car charger key straps, sunglasses or even Rubik’s cubes. The options are endless – just make sure your giveaways help your business stand out from the pack and you’ll be sure to draw lots of attendees allowing you to introduce them to what you really have to offer.

A Standout Booth Design

As a trade show is basically a competition vying for limited amounts of attention, a standout booth design is a must for elevating you above all those competing exhibitors. Simply using your company name probably won’t achieve that purpose – attendees aren’t going to play a guessing game as to what your brand is about, the exhibit needs to show and tell the story. Include a six-word tagline that a reader can interpret within just a few seconds and be sure to use digital images to capture attention. This isn’t an area you want to be stingy – invest in booth design and layout as the potential return on investment can be significant. You may even want to look into trade show companies that can provide custom solutions tailored to your needs, resulting in a standout booth that catches the eye of as many attendees as possible. If you plan on having attendees come and stay at your booth for an extended period of time during the event, then you need to think about looking into trade show furniture to rent or purchase. This is a good idea for your booth if you would like to initiate discussions, deals, and so on. It makes the area inviting, and people are on their feet most of the day, so giving them that option provides not only a place to sit down but to open up a dialogue.

A Video

Before you go, create a video about your brand or perhaps a new product that will impress your peers and allow you to make a splash at the show.

Your Sense of Humor

If you can have fun while getting people excited about your products and/or services, you’ll be way ahead of the game. Trade shows are often far too serious. Break free from the dull and boring by making your presence felt. Step up and provide something humorous, making your booth more interactive. Throwing in some games with active contestants helps to increase engagement, from prize wheels to trivia or even golf. You may want to think about doing something when the official show hours have ended like an after-party that will allow you to mix and mingle with attendees who might just be future customers.


Another sure way to attract attendees is to help them stay fueled and hydrated for all the action. Bring snacks and water bottles to hand out and you’re sure to be a popular pit stop that will allow you to create a more memorable presence and provide plenty of that all-important connection time.

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