5 Reasons Your Home Should Be Filled With Large Paintings

When it comes to picking paintings for your home, what size do you go for? Do you opt for dozens of smaller artworks that each bring a little splash of excitement to your walls? Or, do you instead choose to go big and bold with several large pieces that dominate every room they occupy?

In this instance, we want to justify the latter and offer five reasons why the bigger paintings work best in your home.

They Fill Empty Space

Some people buy artwork because they want to fill empty spaces in their house. Obviously, if you choose larger paintings, then they naturally take up more room than smaller pieces. That can be good for areas where the walls are sparse, or there’s not much furniture around. 

Just make sure that the art isn’t so big it fills the room from floor to ceiling. To avoid this, it’s advised that you buy paintings which fill around 65-75% of the available wall space.

They Work Above Bigger Furniture

Depending on where you want to hang your artwork can really affect what size you wish to go for. If you’re putting the painting above your sofa, then bigger is naturally better here. Otherwise, you risk having the piece looking lost compared to the length of the furniture in front of it. The same goes for if it’s hanging on the wall above the dining table or something else of a similar size. The larger the surroundings, the bigger the artwork ought to be.

They Have Greater Impact

People say that artwork is great to have in the home because the style and colors can really impact the surroundings. If that’s the case, then surely the bigger the painting, the greater its effect. A massive piece created with cool colors can do a lot more to promote relaxation than something half its size, wouldn’t you say?

If you’re looking for large paintings that will create a particular atmosphere in your home, you might wish to visit LittleLeloo. Jessica Hendrickx’s abstract works all evoke the imagination and influence the environment around them. So, whether you’re after something soothing, dramatic, or energizing, her art has you covered.

There’s More To Love

If you fall in love with a piece of art, you probably want to showcase it proudly in your home. Of course, there’s a lot more to love the larger the piece is. There’s no escaping from it if it takes up most of your wall, which is perfect when you care so much about the artwork. Hopefully, anyone else you live with feels the same way about it.

They Provide A Centerpiece

It’s always good to have a central element in a room for which everything else is arranged around. If you buy a large painting, that artwork becomes that main attraction, giving the space something momentous that inspires the rest of your décor. What kind of art works best as a centerpiece generally relies on these factors, although the final decision is always yours to make.

If you’re having trouble working out how to decorate a room, using art in this way could really help with that. 

Whatever your needs, you can always find art of the right style and size to meet them. If you’re ever in doubt though, just remember that it’s always better to go bigger.

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