How To Choose The Right Bus Type For Your Travel Group

Planning for a group trip to a nearby picnic spot or site of attraction involves considering a couple of factors such as the group size, total traveling distance, and budget. Based on the number of members, you will be able to find the right type of bus as well. For this, you need to know which type of bus is suitable for which group size once Covid travel restrictions are relaxed. Let’s find out!

Charter Bus

A charter bus is ideal for a corporate, sports, or personal big group that wants to travel quite far. It usually accommodates around 50-56 passengers, has a spacious seating arrangement, and is known for its comfortable journey. The latter two are certainly the essentials of long-distance traveling. Depending on the bus charter service you choose, the bus can even have monitors for playing CDs and DVDs for your entertainment. 

Mini Bus

Although the name indicates mini, it is not worth getting fooled by its name. It is big enough to accommodate up to 30 travelers at once. Any group larger than this size is a medium-sized one for which a charter bus will be a too big option and a shuttle van will be a smaller one. A minibus is more affordable than a big charter bus due to which it is a cost-effective option for covering short distances in the same city. 

Shuttle Van

This is an ideal option for accommodating small groups of 8-15 travelers. A shuttle van, as a medium-sized charter, is the choice of many people when it comes to local transportation. For example, it is preferred for airport transportation. This type of bus is a more affordable option than a ride-sharing service or a taxi. 

Party Bus

This is the type of bus to consider for an outing that you want to be stylish and sophisticated. A party bus is an ideal option for bachelor parties, wedding ceremonies, and even corporate events. In fact, you can hire one for attending or celebrating any special event. 

The best part of party buses is that they are adaptable. As per the group size, you can choose from one of the several party buses. They can accommodate 20 to 40 travelers at once. These buses are likely to be less costly than taxis and car rentals. Choosing one of them is also safe and reliable, as you then do not have to drive after the party. 

Luxury Bus

Consider this bus if luxury and comfort are indispensable for you and your small to medium-sized group members while traveling to attend a special event. Fitting up to 25 travelers, a luxury bus, as the name suggests, provides all the comforts your members crave for. You can avail of several amenities such as reclining chairs, big TV screens, a kitchen, restrooms, and lounge seats. 

Luxury Tour Bus

Consider this luxury bus if you will be traveling a long distance and require cozy sleeping arrangements. Accommodating 8 to 12 travelers, this bus has several amenities such as Wi-Fi, reclining and swiveling chairs, big TVs, and a kitchen. 


A shuttle van is for small groups, a mini bus is for medium-sized groups, and a charter bus is for big groups. Now, you will be able to choose the right type of bus for your next journey!


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