Designer Flooring and Carpet in NJ – Luxury Vinyl, Plank & Hardwood Flooring

No matter how well built a house is, there are things that greatly affect the overall aesthetics. One of these things is the flooring. It can either elevate the aesthetics of a house or make it look ‘just there’. 

Flooring is a term used to describe any covering that is placed on a floor permanently. It can also refer to the process of installing a cover on the floor. Floor covering describes the finish material that is placed over a floor to make it a suitable working surface.  

Sometimes people refer to the finish material applied on the floor as floor covering. At other times, this term means a loose material that is not permanent on the floor; an example of this is a rug. 

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Designer Flooring in New Jersey

If you live in the state of New Jersey, you already know that there are many types of houses available in the state. From Ranch style to Dutch colonial and from English to Greek architecture; all designed to suit the taste of the inhabitants. 

These houses require different types of floor covering and design to make them unique. You cannot just use any type of design or floor cover for any style of house. 

That is where the subject of designer flooring comes up. This is the type of floor covering that is done to the homeowner’s taste. Typically in construction projects, houses must have one style of flooring or the other. When the house is bought and moved into, the owner may decide to retain the floor or remodel. 

This is not the case in model home construction however; since the homeowner is involved in the construction from the get go. The homeowner has a say in the kind of floor covering that is used in the house. Most homeowners definitely go for designer flooring and carpets to tie in the overall aesthetics of the house. 

There are many types of flooring like Vinyl, hardwood and plank and there are also many types of carpets and rugs.

So in this article, we would help you understand the difference between luxury Vinyl, plank and hardwood flooring.  Additionally, we would give you some tips on how to get the best designer flooring company in NJ or any other location for that matter.

Luxury Vinyl

Luxury vinyl looks like stone or hardwood but doesn’t cost as much as any of them. It is also known as LVP or LVT and comprises of many layers which enhances the design, ease of maintenance and longevity of this type of flooring. . 

Luxury vinyl is moisture resistant/waterproof which makes it ideal in every room of the house but especially bathrooms and kitchens. 

Below are the advantages of this type of floor covering:-

  1. Due to its multiple layers, it can withstand heavy/high foot traffic, spills and scratches. 
  2. It is long lasting. 
  3. It is easy to clean and maintain. 
  4. It can get wet without expanding (buckling).
  5. It can be easily installed.
  6. It is not as expensive as stone or hardwood. 

There are 3 variants of Vinyl flooring and they are:-

  • Plank – This type looks like hardwood 
  • Tiles – This is used to replicate the look of cut stone or create complicated patterns. 
  • Sheets- These are mainly used for kitchens and bathrooms due to their high water resistance.



Plank is one of the types of Vinyl floor covering that we mentioned above. Mostly known as vinyl plank, it is designed to look like hardwood and it usually comes in strips.  There are different varieties of planks that imitate different types of wood such as oak and hickory.

Planks are manufactured from PVC vinyl with multiple layers and then printed over. After that, it is covered with layers that can be walked on without any damage to the surface.


Hardwood is wood that is mostly gotten from dicot trees such as walnut, birch, oak and maple. This article would help you understand the difference between hardwood and softwood as we would not go into that detail here. 

When used to cover your floor, hardwood provides warmth and gives the room a welcoming ambience. It also gives the house a classy feel and increases the value of the home. This material for flooring comes in different shades. 

Below are the advantages of hardwood:-

  1. It has high aesthetic value.
  2. It is very durable and can withstand heavy traffic and scuffing from pets and children. 
  3. It has a large variety of styles to choose from (it can either be contemporary or classic). 
  4. It is a lot easier to clean than rugs and carpets. 

How To Get The Best Designer Flooring Company In NJ

Now that you know the different types of flooring, you can go ahead and choose the company that would handle your project. These design companies can also help you choose designer carpets if you feel that those are what you need for your floor. 

In choosing a company to work with, you need to look out for the following attributes:- 

  1. Skill – The firm must have competent staff that are skilled in different aspects of flooring (both installation and maintenance). 
  2. Good Reputation – Find a company that has a good reputation in the industry. Reputation is like smoke; it cannot be contained so whether good or bad, a company’s reputation would always precede them. In this vein, it is best to use a company that has good reputation in your locality. The closer they are to you, the higher your likelihood of knowing their reputation. If they have a good reputation, they would want to preserve it. Therefore, you can rest assured that you would get satisfactory service delivery from them. 
  3. Great Customer and After Sales Care- Ensure that any company you choose to work with has a great customer care culture.  You should also look out for a company that gives warranties for their work. This would help protect your investment and also ensure that you get great after sales care. 

You can ascertain all the above by searching online for flooring companies in New Jersey, reading reviews or asking for recommendation from friends, family and people you know. 


The aesthetics of a home is greatly impacted by the type of flooring in the home. As we have discussed, there are different types and each has its advantages. We believe that the brief description of these varieties would enhance your decision making for your flooring project. 


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