Cost-Effective Home Renovations to Increase Property Value

There are ways to increase property value and get more than your asking price. One smart move is to upgrade using cost-effective home renovations. Add more value to your property by following these fantastic tips.

Increase Property Value: Be creative and add more livable space

Buyers tend to look for homes with bedrooms, living space, and bathrooms that are wide enough to let them live freely and comfortably. They will most likely ask for the approximate square footage of the area that you are selling, let’s say in the case of a condo. It won’t be possible for this place to have its square footage increase. But there are various ways to make it more spacious, yet livable, with areas that are necessary to call it home.

Spending time improving your home can increase the property value significantly, you can find out how much your house is worth at The Property Buying Company.

When renovating a condo, look at changing your floor plan interior. This will make it more livable. Make it more spacious and add divisions to customize the area. Square footage is the king when it comes to home renovation investment to increase property value.

Add a space to rent

Another income-generating tip is to add a space for rent. This is one technique that I think will surely draw attention to a buyer – knowing that there is another space enough to be rented. Essentially this is income for them. If your home is big and the addition of another room with a bathroom and kitchen is possible, then invest in one. Adding tan extra room to your home will surely add value to the property you’re going to sell.

Increase Property Value: Change to energy-efficient renovations

If you have the budget to remodel your home with energy-efficient purchases, then do it. Today’s generation considers getting a home that offers energy efficiency that may be of big savings later on when they purchase your home. Install LED lighting and solar panels.

Check with the help of an audit team from your utility provider if your home is energy efficient and ask as well on how you can improve it to make it more efficient.

Your personal accountants will also applaud you for adapting money-saving measures for the long-term.

Improve Your Kitchen

Couple or family buyers often considered first in buying a home with a high-end kitchen. Most of them look for a kitchen that has an on-tap water filter, dishwasher, and garbage disposal. These three should be a necessity when improving your kitchen’s look and use.

Increase Property Value: Bathroom remodeling

Before putting your house in the market, be sure to give your bathroom an exceptional look by creating a stylish space. Choose the best mirror. Check on the tiles, the water pressure, the sink, and ensure that everything works properly.

Give your bathroom an ambiance of open nature by adding small plants too. The bathroom is not always the center of the buyer’s attention whenever they are doing a tour in the house, but we should not forget to give it a makeover.  Also, remember that bathrooms soon become a permanent home to asbestos and other hazardous material. That’s when you should look upon demolition contractors who can assist you here. If you are unaware of how demolition experts work on such aspects, you can see URL here and get started.

Adding a deck

One way to add more value to your home is by adding a deck where one can rest after a tiring day at the office. Outdoor additions to your house will significantly attract more buyers, especially when that buyer has a family. Create a space where one can put a small table and chairs and a space for a grill that’s big enough for a small gathering.

How the property looks outside is the first thing that a potential buyer sees; thus, it’s almost always the basis of their first impression. Better to make sure that your property’s exterior looks appealing, and adding a deck is one of the best things you might want to consider.

Everyone wants a warm and welcoming home that they’ll be excited to return to after an exhausting day. A deck makes a great addition to your property because potential buyers will like a spot where they can lounge around and have a breather. If you’ve got your mind set on adding a deck, make sure that the deck railing system is high-quality and suitable for the property and its design. A good deck will bring appeal and add value to your property.

Furnace Upgrade

Check if your furnace is still working or if it is energy-efficient. If not, then it’s time to give it an upgrade. Make it more low maintenance.

Check your water heater

Give your water heater some attention. Perform an upgrade to it in order to make it more low maintenance, too, just like what you have done with your furnace.

Repair the Roof

Make sure that the roof is still in good shape. If there are issues with any part of it, then it’s time to repair or change it. Create a good impression ensuring that your roof is in great condition.

Work on those paints!

Give your home a new look by changing up your colors. To make it look new, then it’s time to repaint it with new colors. Look for color ideas from an expert website. Check local companies that sell paint. Some of them will have mobile applications that offer ideas on how to look for the best paints to suit your home.

All you have to do is take a picture of the area that you want to be repainted, then upload it to the app. You then choose the color that you want, fill it into the app’s image of your photo, and voila, the color changes! If you decide to go for that new color, all that is left to do is note down the color pallet number and then present it to the store.

If you understand how the modern buyer makes purchases when buying a home, then you are set to get a good deal when you come to sell your property. Consider energy efficiency, square footage, a low maintenance home, and a sense of security when doing a home renovation. These are the factors that modern buyers look for, so keep well on top of them.

What are your thoughts on how to increase property value?


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