Do You Have to be Wealthy to Write a Will? #WillsinNumbers

The last thing many of us want to discuss is death. The reality is that death is an unavoidable part of life, and sooner or later, it will come. Of course, we want all want to live full lives, and most us would like to live as long as possible – not having to think about having to write a will or anything like that. Have you ever wondered what the aftermath of your imminent death would be? I sure haven’t, I’m only 33 and I am not going anywhere anytime soon!

The reality though is that we don’t know when our time will come.

The top misconception surrounding wills tend to be about whether or not you have enough money to even consider whether you should write a will. Wills are not exclusively for the wealthy, or even just for the rich – we should all have a will that lets our loved ones know what it is we want them to do with our body and what our final wishes may be.

Many 20 & 30 somethings may own property or have children – if that is the case then writing a will is not dependent upon your age, but upon your life circumstances. Places like The Law House family law solicitors can aid you in writing your will and guide you in the right direction.

Then there are the people that certainly had too much money during their life that needs to go somewhere after their death. Did you know that not everyone that is wealthy or mega-rich leaves assets to their spouses, children, or even to charities?

For some people the definition of nearest and dearest takes a complete different meaning and comes in the shape of four legged friends, reptilian pals, and even chickens! And as this infographic shows some people will go to extra lengths for the love of their pets.

write a will infographic

If I die a young death (fingers crossed I don’t) then I think I may just go out like cheeky Sandra West (California socialite and oil heiress). She passed on to the other realm at the young age of 37 and requested to be buried in her lace nightgown then placed inside her Ferrari! With the seat slanted at a comfortable angle of course. Her family obliged, but then had to pour concrete over the car to deter car thieves. Sure, I may not have a Ferrari, but that’s quite a way to go out with a bang!

Have you thought about when you should write a will? What is the most random thing you would include in it?


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