These Are Some of the Best Locations for a Secluded Trip


Our most recent holidays have been spent with family, and while that is fine and dandy there are just sometimes that you to really get away. There are many destinations around the world that are perfect for a secluded trip. You can stay away from any other people unless you really want to interact with them.

There are great choices for different types of people, no matter what sort of environment you like; you can experience mountains, beaches, forests, and lakes. Of course, don’t expect to be able to get away without experiencing at least a bit of nature. If you want to escape to somewhere quiet, try these places that are currently on my radar.


Secluded Trip: Sweden


The Nordic countries can be ideal if you want to find complete peace and tranquillity. There are different environments to experience and plenty of untouched wilderness. Sweden offers some different landscapes you can consider for your vacation. You could stay in a yurt in the middle of a forest, seek out a tiny island in an archipelago, or climb a mountain. Sweden’s liberal camping laws mean you could set up a tent anywhere you want. But you could also paddle out to a cabin on an island or stay in a lakeside guesthouse. If you want to stay somewhere extremely remote, keep travelling north.


Secluded Trip: Greece


Greece might be a busy destination for travellers. But you can also find tranquillity there. The best way to enjoy a peaceful vacation in the country is to avoid the resorts that most tourists flock to. That’s not to say that you can’t stay at a quieter resort. There are more exclusive places to stay. Try the resort of Amanzoe in Greece, located on the Peloponnese Peninsula. You can hide away on a hilltop, away from the hustle and bustle of tourist-filled areas.


sea, red boat with Greece flag: secluded trip.Secluded Trip: New Zealand

New Zealand’s wild landscapes are famous all over the world. The country offers some beautiful and remote locations you can visit. If you want to go off the beaten track, there’s no shortage of islands, forests, and other natural features to explore. New Zealand is a paradise for anyone who loves the outdoors. There are lots of sports and active activities to get involved with, even in more remote locations. You could spend your days wild swimming, hiking, or just hanging out on a beach.


The Maldives

If your perfect idea of a secluded trip is being surrounded by a turquoise sea, the Maldives may be for you. You can find exclusive and beautiful resorts that offer you rooms that extend right into the ocean. The still and sparkling waters are enough to help anyone relax. If you choose to stay a resort, you can feel like you’re somewhere truly secluded but still have attentive staff on hand. Being on an island will always feel more remote, with the ocean stretching out in front of you.

In this vast earth, we are definitely spoiled for choice. I have been researching these beautiful places and would love to know if you have been to any of them. Don’t hesitate to let me know!

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