Emotional Rollercoaster: Why It’s Okay to Feel Regret After Moving Homes

Relocation isn’t always easy. It’s not just because it sucks all the life and energy in you, with all the sorting, decluttering, and packing; the entire experience also triggers unpleasant feelings. With some, in fact, plaguing you even when you’re already settling down in your new home. One of the hardest to deal with is regret after moving home — mostly because it’s also the most difficult to admit.

No one would readily acknowledge that they feel like they made a wrong decision relocating. It just adds to the entire emotional roller coaster they’re already in. But here’s the thing, it’s perfectly normal to feel regret after moving. And there are many ways to make this transition a little less stressful for you.

The Guilt Trip

The more that you push down that negative feeling, the more that it grows worse, precisely because it’s never addressed. That’s why it’s important to recognize what you’re feeling. More importantly, the source of it. There are many reasons you could be feeling remorseful about relocation. For one, it could be financial. You may be feeling sorry that you’ve made such a big purchase. That you should’ve saved more or waited longer until the house prices went down. Or that you shouldn’t have even thought about owning a home because it’s a huge financial responsibility.

Here’s the thing, if you’ve done your duty, crunching up the numbers and sticking to your budget, there’s nothing to be guilty about. Look back at the process you’ve gone through to reassure yourself. 

Another possible source of regret after moving home is missing out on old friends’ lives. This is most common when you’re moving across different states or overseas. You know that you can’t just drop by at your friends’ doorstep at a whim. It’s inevitable to miss a few of their weekend barbecue parties or your godson’s birthdays. Connected to this is longing for the comfort of your old home. You probably feel guilty for letting go of a place you’ve known all your life. It will be harder imagining how it will change over the next years, without you in it.

When your regret comes from a place of homesickness, bring a feeling of home into your new environment. For instance, a photograph of your old home or that dinnerware set your neighbors have given you. These trinkets will help remind you that even though you’ve chosen a new path, the memories won’t necessarily change. Your love for them is the same.

If you then have fragile, sentimental items to take with you in your move, get in touch with reputable long distance moving companies to ensure the security of your stuff.

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The Forward Move

While it’s crucial to acknowledge and process your emotions, it’s equally important to do something concrete to really be able to move forward and make the transition smoother. One good action point is to explore your new community. Go to local cafes and restaurants. Join and volunteer in noble causes, like animal rescue or tree planting activities. Or sign up for fitness classes.

All these will help you de-stress and divert your energy and attention to productive things. Most importantly, it will be an avenue for meeting people. As you build your new social circles, it will be far easier to feel that this new is indeed your normal now.

What Do You Feel?

Again, it’s perfectly fine to feel regret after moving home. So recognize and manage your emotions. Don’t try to repress them. At the same time though, make sure to have an action plan for moving on.

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