How To Colour Your LilyHair Extensions in 5 Steps

If you ever invest in hair extensions you might think that you need to keep your hair the same colour as your extensions forever and always. I’m here to tell you that that is not necessarily true. If you tend to keep your hair the same shade all the time, then this post probably isn’t for you. But if you are as fickle as I am when it comes to your hair, then this post is definitely up your street.

I’ve had beautiful hair extensions from LilyHair for a while now. I opted for honey blonde clip-ins and love them. Even though they are nowhere near my current hair colour!

As much as I want to I just can’t fry my hair any longer to get it to the perfect honey blonde shade so that my hair matches my extensions. Which is when I realised that as the hair extensions are made of 100% human hair I could easily colour them. That, of course, or also buy new hair extension products from LilyHair in different shades, which is also a great idea!

Lifting colour can potentially damage your hair extensions. So try to only deposit colour by making the shade darker if you want to alter the colour 🙂

Decision, Decisions

Once I decided on the perfect colour for my LilyHair extensions, I also needed to decide whether or not I would be dyeing the full set. As I have quite a full head of hair as it is, I opted to divide the extensions and now I have 2 sets. A honey blonde set, and a beautifully customised chestnut brown shade!


Prepping your area is so much easier than you can imagine. I used a flattened out cardboard box as the surface where I would be colouring my LilyHair extensions. I have heard of lining your cardboard with aluminum foil as that helps your colour glide on easier. Plus the heat that is created also helps the colouring process. I opted to skip that step as I didn’t have any foil to hand. But if I colour hair extensions again, I will make sure to squeeze that step in.


Once flat I laid each extension down and with a colouring brush painted over each strand of hair ensuring that it was fully saturated and completely covered. The secret to ensuring that your hair extensions look bespoke is to also carefully colour the seam of where your extensions are sewn on.

By having your seam match, it doesn’t look like a quick DIY tutorial was followed, but as though you purchased your extensions custom made for you. If you make a radical change in colour like I did, then you can easily be able to visually follow the processing of your colour.


As soon as you can see that the colour has developed and the recommended time has been reached then your next step is to wash out your hair extensions. You can wash them until the water runs clear, or rinse them instead. I urge you to hold your extensions vertically and hold your shower head in the direction of the hair.

If you try to chuck them all in the sink, you will end up with a matted mess. Once you do that then you can use conditioner to lock in the colour and give your faux locks a soft salon look.


In my opinion, the best way to dry your extensions is naturally. Once air dried then you can style with hot tools as you normally would.

Taking on such a feat usually ends up sounding more complex than it is. All you need is a little patience, a few tools, and you’ll have customised hair extensions in no time!

Let me know what you think in the comments!


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