How To Pull Off Vintage Interior Design (Without It Looking Worn Out)

A vintage appeal can attract different and like-minded people. As there are those who strive to have an utterly retro-styled home, there are also others who desire a “blast from the past” vibe in their contemporary home. Vintage interior design mostly showcases mid-century chic, however, you should pay attention to avoiding the shabby, worn-out feel.

The “bottom-up” approach to decorating means focusing on exquisite details that create antiquity, sophistication, and longevity. And if you want to pull off the retro design, here are some modern ideas that stand the test of time. 

Mid-century modern

The flabbergasting way to curate every inch of your home with a vintage interior design that exudes elegance is by incorporating the past and the present. Not only is this the best way to avoid your living room looking out worn and shabby, but it’s also a meticulous way to enliven up the dull space. With cutting edge furniture and appliances just add a vintage Persian rug, or place a sixties-inspired coffee table to break out the modern chillness.

Revive things with art

Those aiming to upscale their interior by implementing vintage delights should search for statement pieces that look timeless and ravishing. Some are lucky enough to have a dated cabinet or a generations-old retro mirror, but the essence is to strike the right balance.

Hanging handcrafted art like will strike as a perfect blend of yesterday and tomorrow. Another way to modernize the interior with art is to go to a flea market and choose wisely well-made antique pieces that will cement the vintage look. 

Play with fabrics and hues

Upon entering into your house, the visual appeal must be immediately noticeable with the old-school designs. Pulling off vintage appeal without looking like you’re at grandma’s house is not an easy task, hence you should focus on the colors, materials, and fabrics.

Place a brown leather sofa and cover it with a bubblegum pink blanket, or decorate a cosmopolitan living room with sage green velvet cushions. The mixing of prints and hues like emerald silk upholstering in combination with marble vase or picture frames brings out the perfection of this style. 

Add copper elements

Very often one good vibrations element can utterly maximize the vintage feel. To reach the idyllic equilibrium between the old and the new you just need to add copper. This everlasting material can be incorporated into any interior, but to reach the top-notch retro potential just go with few elements.

Consider changing sterling silver curtain rails with copper ones, imagine placing a luscious copper mirror with a modern outlook or replacing the wooden table legs with copper ones or installing a similar retro wall lamp, the list is endless.

Place wooden accents

Bring out the eternal elegance by placing furniture that stood the test of time but has still been re-created in a contemporary notion. This means adequately blending the antique pieces with lush modern ones. It can be daunting to go searching for the right furniture, but if you desire to avoid that worn-out look consider reshaping the old outlook.

Don’t place retro furniture all around, but rather focus on centerpieces and timid wooden accents. Wood has always symbolized tradition and character, and once subtle accents, armchairs, wooden side tables, or other wordly accessories, you would have a multi-layered room.

Hopefully, with the above-mentioned suggestions, you will get an innovative and intriguing insight on how to make your interior look more aesthetic and chic, but without looking run down. Embrace the historic vibe with the sense of conformity and you will get a perfect blend of old and new.


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