Improvements Your Law Office’s Website Needs

Reworking websites is something businesses have been doing since the internet started. It’s not uncommon for a company to rebrand itself over the years, make updates, or change with the times. For law practices, the trend is quite the same. Websites effectively become one of the first touch-points between the law office and a potential client. For this reason, it’s critical that it be on point.

Has it been a while since you’ve messed with or even thought about your website? This would be a huge misstep on your behalf. Your site can mean the difference between consistent quality leads each month and having to worry about how you’ll pay your office expenses.

So what should you look for in a website update? What will get you the best bang for your buck? Below we’ll go through the top features and improvements your digital marketer will make on your behalf to create a better user experience and essentially drive in more leads.

For those that are tired of having consultations that aren’t leading to signed clients, an upgraded website can help narrow down the field to quality clients that won’t waste time.

Mobile-Friendly Viewing

You want to reach as many people as possible. This includes those that use their cell phones. Having a mobile-friendly site is almost a must in today’s world. If you currently aren’t catering to the growing number of mobile users, you’ll be missing out. Not only is this feature essential for viewing, but being mobile-friendly can help pinpoint local customers.

For law firms, targeting local traffic can be a vast improvement to your marketing efforts. Make sure to include mobile-friendly viewing as part of your upgrade.

Search Engine Optimization

Optimization is key with your law office’s website design. Not only does it signal better navigation for the user, but it can also signal to Google to put your website at the top of the list. If your ranking poorly, optimization will be a key feature to include.

Better visibility overall will attract more customers and land you more consultations with prospective clients. With search engine optimization your digital marketer will place keywords throughout the text, in URLs, picture tags, and much more.

Better Curated Content

Never underestimate the power of curated content. A website will stand and fall based on this feature alone. Sure, you can, and should, have powerful videos, but these are only supported by the written word. Also, content is another intricate feature of optimization that will help you rank better on Google.

Content is king. Revise your current content to include imperative information about your firm, including awards, areas of practice, accomplishments for clients, etc.

Engaging Videos

Videos will be one of the hottest inclusions you can make to your website. More people are drawn to visual cues than anything else. In fact, many studies have shown that users are more likely to stay on a website longer if a video is present. Your digital marketer can include videos about your firm, services, or an impact you’ve made on the community.

There are tons of ways to highlight your law firm through your law office’s website, and videos are an essential way to do so. Side note, the inclusion of videos will also help your ranking and an integral part of optimization.


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