Operation Facelifts: How do Male and Female Facelifts Differ?

What is a facelift?

Rhytidectomy, also referred to as a facelift, is a procedure used to re-engineer the appearance of problematic skin. According to recent studies, the facelift has returned to the top five cosmetic procedures within the past few years. With the popularity of social media platforms, the desire for a more permanent beauty enhancement than the typical app filter is also increasing. And this includes both male and female facelifts.

Aging, among other contributing factors, causes the skin’s elasticity to degrade, resulting in wrinkles and loose skin. This makes the skin look unhealthy and contributes to insecurities.

Facelifts are performed to remedy sagging skin, fold lines, droopy jawline jowls, and extra neck skin or fat, or turkey neck.

Types of facelifts

There are two major categories of facelifts: the mini facelift and the standard facelift. The recommended procedure depends on the client’s condition and what they wish to achieve.

The mini facelift is great for minor skin sagging. This procedure typically tightens skin using shorter incisions that are performed from around the hairline to the ear. This operation lifts cheeks and corrects the jawline, getting rid of the skin’s tired appearance. Sedation is available for this procedure upon customer request.

The standard facelift is ideal for patients with greater aged skin around the neck and face. Because it is a more extensive procedure, the standard facelift has a longer recovery time than the mini facelift. Although they require a longer down time, the standard facelifts also give more dramatic results.

These incisions usually start around the temples and continue around the front of the ears. There is a division between the skin and connective tissues and muscles so the excess skin and fat can be removed. Afterwards, the reconstructed skin structure is applied to the face. This procedure also remedies jowl and under- chin sagging, restoring the client’s natural facial contour.

What are the differences between male and female facelifts?

With studies indicating the rhytidectomy’s increasing popularity, the percentage of male facelifts are also growing. Although both males and females get facelifts, there are differences in how and why both sexes undergo this cosmetic procedure.

Facial Hair

– Facial hair is more prominent in certain places dependent on gender. For example, men are more likely to have beards and facial hair that covers more of their face.

– The incisions made when a male undergoes this procedure are different to prevent the possibility of permanent scarring that will affect facial hair growing back.

Anatomical traits

– Women have a weaker facial structure, making it easier to manipulate.

– Male faces are larger with thicker skin, especially around the jawline and lower.

– Males also typically have more veins and facial arteries than women, increasing the postoperative scarring probability.

Aesthetic desires

– Women want to keep their soft, feminine look, while men like more definition and structure to their face.

– Females get facelifts in a round, oval shaped jawline with a smooth neckline.

– Males prefer a more prominent jawline, and typically get lower facial procedures.

Because of their facial structure, men are more likely to get a standard facelift. Women usually decide which procedure they get based on the severity of their wrinkles or sagging skin. If there are only minor issues, a mini facelift is a viable option for restoring the feminine facial structure.

What is the consultation process?

Prior to the procedure, the patient will need a consultation with their cosmetic surgeon. It is important for a health evaluation to be done to make sure it is safe to get the surgery. This is also the time for the client to express their desired results. For example, Glasgold Group Plastic Surgeon’s office uses their client consultation to get feedback on what the client wants to change and which surgery is the best fit.

Once they establish the proper procedure, Glasgold surgeons will review the client’s medical history, as well as discuss the necessary precautions to lower the probability of any surgical risks. After establishing the details, the client then schedules their surgery and discusses other details, like payment.

For best results, this procedure should be performed on healthy individuals. Multiple or severe health ailments will hinder the recovery process. Smokers, people taking numerous medications, or patients with major health issues should talk to their health consultant during their consultation to ensure they are healthy enough to undergo the surgery. Their surgeon may also be able to recommend a topical alternative.

According to their expertise, the Glasgold Group, who are board-certified surgeons, provide skin treatments for fine lines and texture issues. In addition to skin treatments, they offer procedures that compliment the facelift, including brow lifts, blepharoplasty, or eyelid surgery, and facial fat transfers, which studies show are also becoming a popular procedure in both male and female patients.


The downtime of both male and female facelifts depends on the patient. While it is possible to return to normal activity after a few weeks, a full recovery can take up to six months.

After the surgery is performed, the patient is required to wait in a recovery room to make sure the procedure was successful. The patient can go home the same day and because there are no heavy bandages or drains used in this procedure, normal eating and drinking is permitted. according to experts, makeup can be applied once the sutures are removed, which usually take up to a week. If there is pain during the recovery, the surgeon’s office will provide pain medication. A next-day evaluation will also be performed. If everything is okay, the patient will be permitted to shower and get their face and hair wet.

Facelifts are a great way to revitalize aging skin. For healthy patients who are interested in this procedure, set up a consultation with a professional for an evaluation.


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