The Pros and Cons of Travelling in Your Car

If you are considering travelling somewhere in the UK or Europe, it may be that you want to take your own car. Doing this can provide plenty of options and may be a cheaper alternative to hiring a car. Here we look at the pros and cons of traveling in your car. 

Pro: Cheaper

If you are travelling as a group, it is probably the cheapest option to travel by car. Some destinations are also cheaper when reached in the car, especially if you are going to the middle of France. If you own a large enough car or a van, simply stay inside your car or take camping equipment, saving money on hotels. If your car doesn’t consume much fuel, you can get far on little cash. Be sure to scour the internet to find the cheapest petrol stations wherever you are travelling. 

Con: Driving Long Distance

Driving to another destination can take a long time. Especially if you don’t live anywhere close to the euro tunnel or ferry ports. If driving long distance isn’t for you, this could well take the fun out of travelling. All the playlists and coffee in the world can’t distract you from 6 hours solid of driving. This doesn’t need to be a con though if you have friends with you who can drive.

Getting temporary car insurance means you and your friends can share the drive, breaking that long distance and giving each other a break. Compare temporary car insurance online to find the best deals for your trip. With cover available for any period from one day to a whole month, this is the best way to share the driving. 

Pro: Flexibility

If you want to travel freely from place to place without the need to plan public transport routes, driving is your cheapest and easiest choice. Driving offers you the freedom to stop wherever, finding new places on your trip you may have never discovered otherwise. There is absolutely no baggage limit when driving, so if you enjoy sports, you can take your kayak or bicycle with you. You may even take your pets on holiday, saving on kennel bills. 

Con: Hidden Costs

Before deciding if driving is right for you, you need to look out for any hidden costs along the way. If your car is new and in good condition, chances are you won’t need to do much. If your car is almost due its MOT, it may be worth getting this sorted first, so that you don’t break down in another country. 

If you have a stable car which you trust to get you where you want to go, it may be that travelling by car is for you. Sharing the drive will limit overtiredness and gives you complete control of where to go next. You can also save money by taking your own car. If you are travelling alone, consider if you want to drive such long distances. When considering traveling in your car, the pros usually outweigh the cons.



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