Six Ways To Save Some Cash

It can feel huge to save money every month. Not only are you in the privileged position to be able to have money to save every month, but you are saving for something you genuinely want. If you’re not so flush for cash and not able to spend monthly amounts in your savings account, then you should consider the tips that we have for you on how to save some cash.

Many of us deal with more month than money, and that’s not easy to live with. Things are getting more expensive, and no one is slowing down the rate of inflation. So, we need to think about how we want to save for the things that we want.

Whether you are looking at financing a new car with and you need a deposit, or you really want to go on a weekend away, you need to save up. Let’s take a look at six ways you can save some cash without feeling that pinch each month.

Plan It To Perfection

You can set a goal for how much you want to save each month and watch it payout. You need to know that you are saving correctly, and it starts with ensuring that you have a realistic goal to reach and enough time in which to reach it. Make a plan with your savings, and you’ll find it far easier to stick to.

Utilise Technology

You can open a savings account and set up automated payments to make savings. It’s so much easier to make savings to an account when you set it up to come out on payday every month before you wake up and check your balance. You can change the amount at any time, so if your car finance is in place, but you didn’t earn as much one month, you can just save a little less and still manage your bills.

Step Up That Side Hustle

If you have a job on the go and a hobby from which you can make money, do it. Start your own little side hustle so that you can earn a crust of cash that you can pay into your savings account directly.

Pay Down Debt

The fastest way to free up money to save up is to pay off your debts. It sounds like you’re going backwards to come forwards, and you are. If you have debt in the way, you cannot save any money. It needs to be going towards paying off the money you already owe.

Move Money Around

You can save more money than you think by cutting down how many bank accounts you have. If you ensure that you only use one account for your savings, you’re going to be able to save a ton of money this way as you won’t have excessive fees to pay! 

Cut Your Bills

Speak to your utility providers and cut back on what you’re paying each month. Ask about discounts and loyalty points – whatever they can do for you, ask for it.


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