Why Speed Dating May Be a Better Option than Online Dating


I’ve never speed dated. I suppose it wasn’t as popular as it is now when I was still single. Either way, it’s not something that I ever really thought that I would enjoy. Thing is though, the more I was thinking about speed dating and researching it for this post the more I changed my mind on the matter. Speed dating may be a better option than good old online dating, and here’s why.

The most obvious difference between online dating and speed dating is the attraction factor. Now, I’m not talking about measuring the superficial attractiveness of someone based on general traits. You know, your typical tall, dark, and handsome spiel. No, I’m talking about that spark between 2 people that no matter how many “winks” or “nudges” you send you just won’t ever feel if not in person.

You may get to know someone online in an intimate way, in a much quicker manner, that I can’t dispute, but the feeling you get when someone compliments you or laughs at your jokes (or doesn’t) is worth the awkwardness of the initial speed dating experience.

If you tend to suffer from social anxiety, the prospect of being in a room full of people looking for love may be daunting. I find that the initial thought of it makes me squeamish. The upshot is that everyone in that room is pretty much there for the same thing as you. The thought of not being the only one who will be facing awkward questions and uncomfortable silences makes it easier.

The prospect of speed dating needn’t be so stressful. There’s something quite comfortable about being surrounded by those in the same boat as you. If I was ever in a position to date again, I would certainly give speed dating a try.


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