The Basics of Metal Building Kits


There are some key advantages to using metal buildings as opposed to structures made out of other materials and there is the need for metal buildings in certain situations. These days you can buy metal building kits and these allow normal people to construct their own metallic buildings. We are going to look at these kits in more detail and the basics around constructing them.

Construct Your Own Metal Building

A lot of suppliers, one example being Armstrong Steel, will manufacture kits that are made from fully galvanised steel and the idea is that these will last against rust for 25 years. Of course, this is completely subjective and depends on the product that you purchase. However, there are some common similarities between most metal building kits.

Many kits are further protected from the elements by plastic coating and you can purchase kits with coatings in various colours. Should you wish to construct a metal building then you will have to consider choosing a metal building kit and this can be done by, first of all, considering the type of building that you want to construct.

Different Styles for Different Customers

As you might have guessed, there are tonnes of different kits for a variety of different purposes. There are two main categories of building for most customers and these are straight-walled buildings and the second is a Quonset hut-style building.

Essentially, one is curved and one is straight (like a traditional building) and this means that there are pros and cons for each structure. Both of these can be built using a metal kit and they can be purchased from manufacturers all over the globe.

The Quonset Building

Most in the construction industry will argue that Quonset buildings are the most affordable for those looking to construct a metal building. These structures are well-known for their simplicity and they are often delivered as kits in 2-foot sections that can easily bolt together.

They can be easily added to as well which makes them perfect for expansion in the future. You can even build a small home from Quonset structures that can easily be expanded if and when you need to. Other features such as windows and porches can also be included in these kits.

Straight Wall Metal Kits

On the other side of the metal building kit spectrum, we have the straight-walled kit and these are structures that typically resemble traditional buildings. They have walls and a roof and they are generally more expensive than their curved counterparts.

They offer a more conventional appearance and you can also construct other items out of these kits as well such as porches or garages. Yet again, windows can be included in the kits so they are pretty versatile for those that want to create a traditional-style building out of metal.

This building is usually available in a range of colours so you can choose kits in various shades if you’re looking for something a little more personal.


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