The Many Engagement Rings Of Elizabeth Taylor – Here are 9!

Elizabeth Taylor is one of the ultimate A-list celebrities, and she has graced the screens as much as she has the tabloids over the years. She is famously known for her many engagements and beautiful engagement rings, some of which are listed below. Sometimes extravagant, sometimes more modest, people always admired her for her style and fashion sense, as well as for her high-profile relationships. Today we wanted to do a round-up of some of the engagement rings of Elizabeth Taylor.

The Many Engagement Rings Of Elizabeth Taylor - Here are 9!

1. Conrad Hilton Jr.

The Many Engagement Rings Of Elizabeth Taylor Conrad Hilton Jr.

Elizabeth Taylor’s marriage with Conrad “Nicky” Hilton Junior, the Hilton Hotel heir, was funded by the MGM movie studio. They were engaged when Elizabeth was 17, and he proposed with a four-carat diamond platinum-set ring. They were married on the 6th of May in 1950 at the Church of the Good Shepherd in Beverley Hills, when she was 18 years old, and were married for only eight months.

2. Michael Wilding

The Many Engagement Rings Of Elizabeth Taylor Michael Wilding

In 1951, Elizabeth started a relationship with Michael Wilding, an English actor whom she first met in 1948. Michael went on to propose to Elizabeth with a diamond-studded sapphire ring, and they went on to be married in 1952 and had two sons. They were together for around five years after they got divorced in January of 1957.

3. Mike Todd

The Many Engagement Rings Of Elizabeth Taylor Mike Todd

On the 2nd of February 1957, Elizabeth married Mike Todd, who was a film and theatre producer. She was 24 years old when Mike proposed to her with a beautiful emerald-cut diamond ring, which she would later call her “ice skating rink”. The couple had one daughter together, and Elizabeth was left devastated when Mike died in March 1958 when his airplane crashed.

4. Eddie Fisher

Eddie Fisher

Eddie Fisher was a close friend of Mike Todd, and he divorced his wife, Debbie Reynolds, and went on to marry Elizabeth in May 1959. She still wore the engagement ring given to her by the late Mike Todd, so Eddie gave her a beautiful diamond bracelet made with fifty high-quality gems. Elizabeth later went on to say that her marriage with Eddie was a way of dealing with the grief of losing Mike. Maybe if he gave her a ring like one of the beautiful halo engagement rings Sydney couples adore instead of the bracelet, she may have stayed with him?

5. Richard Burton

The Many Engagement Rings Of Elizabeth Taylor Richard Burton

Elizabeth ended up marrying Welsh actor Richard Burton, twice, although he never gave her an engagement ring either time. However, he did lavish her with beautiful jewellery such as a Bulgari necklace which boasted a 32-carat Burmese sapphire, and he also forked out $305,000 in 1968 for the Krupp diamond. They were first married in March 1964, getting divorced in June 1974, and their second marriage was from October 1975 to August 1976.

6. John Warner

John Warner

In 1976 Elizabeth would go on to marry John Warner, who was a Republican politician at the time, and he presented her with an exquisite engagement ring made from rubies, emeralds, and diamonds. John would go on to be elected to the Senate, but the couple divorced in 1982.

7. Victor Luna

Victor Luna had a beautiful 16-carat sapphire ring that he proposed to Elizabeth with in 1983, and she accepted. However, before the marriage in 1984, the couple called off their wedding, saying they will remain good friends, but there was speculation that it was because of the death of Richard Burton earlier that year.

8. Dennis Stein

The Many Engagement Rings Of Elizabeth Taylor Dennis Stein

Dennis Stein became the ninth fiancée of Elizabeth when he proposed to her with a sapphire and diamond ring towards the end of 1984. Elizabeth and the successful businessman later called off the wedding in February 1985 and remained friends.

9. Larry Fortensky

 Larry Fortensky

Larry Fortensky met Elizabeth during a stay at the Betty Ford clinic in 1988, and they went on to get married in October 1991. Larry gave Elizabeth a simple pavé diamond band as an engagement ring and they remained married for five years.

Larry was the last fiancée of Elizabeth Taylor, and she died in 2011, having led a fantastic life and being spoilt rotten by many men. You can find out more about the life and engagement rings of Elizabeth Taylor with just a quick search online. Her love life was as well-publicised as her beauty.

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