Tips To Achieve A Bohemian Look For Your Living Room


Do you like mixing fabrics, textures and colours without paying much attention to detail? You could rock the Bohemian look for your living room very easily. There are no fancy rules when it comes to the Bohemian look. You only have to be creative. Do not be afraid to mix patterns together because they will all work together for the good of your living room. If you like a pattern, use it, along with the bold colours that caught your fancy. Just throw in anything you like, then step back to evaluate the overall look.

Still clueless? These simple few steps will guide you in making your living room looking like a Bohemian decor paradise in no time.

What kind of Bohemian look do you want?

Because the style is as diverse as the people who are creating it, the first and most important thing for you to do about going Bohemian is to know what you want. You need to know what defines you as a person before you start to decorate so you will know which direction to go.

Colour is your friend!

This is important to keep in mind because when it comes to making a statement, bold colours do it best. Think outside the box. Try reds and maroons with yellows and tangerine oranges. Make some curtains out of your unwanted clothes. This is what Bohemian style is all about: making the space feel unique and bright. Bohemian style brings life into your home with the array of colours you are allowed to go crazy with. But do not count out your warm, earthy colours. They play a major part in making the bright bold colours stand out. Browns and gold are very popular as they help bring the bright colours out.

Culture, culture and more culture!

Even if you have never travelled outside of your hometown, you can fill your living room space with things from all around the world to display culture. Maybe your couch throw will look like it has an Indian descent, but your rugs may be Chinese. Your curtains could be homemade and your end tables could be Victorian. These are all great when it comes to going Bohemian because it is colourful and cultured!

Bohemian look furniture

When it comes to decorating your place Bohemian style, you will want to check out the durable Bohemian furniture at Zohi Interiors. They have a stylish variety of selections that are affordable and cute! Bohemian furniture cannot be purchased from any store because Bohemian rooms tend to be full of pieces that were collected over time. Think “second hand” or a vintage look.

The shapes and the sizes do not matter as much as they would in a more modern room. Each selected piece of furniture should be special and have a story behind it. Lounge chairs and fainting couches that are saturated with rich vibrant colours are what should be popping into your head right about now.

With all these helpful tips you should be well on your way to starting your Bohemian space in your living room. Just go with the flow and see what happens. You will be so glad you did! It is a style that is a mix of the things you like and it shows a piece of your personality!

Would you like to have a Bohemian look for your living room?


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