Tips on How to Travel While Living Paycheck to Paycheck


The most common reason people who would like to travel give for not following their dream is a lack money. How can one afford to travel the world when living paycheck to paycheck? Often, all it takes is a change of frame of mind. You don’t need to be rich to travel, believe me I know!

Saving Up for the Initial Cost

Before travelling extensively it makes sense to save up a pot for travel costs and emergencies. Saving up this initial nest egg means making it a priority in your life. You’ll be forgoing other purchases you want to make because travelling is the most important thing to you.

If you are not going to travel for an extended period of time and just want a taste of the action, consider a short term loan. A title loan on a car you own is a quick and simple way to get funds without paying through the roof. You even get to keep your car.

Some of the other ways you can save up for your travel fund include:

Cut out the coffee 

Your addiction to expensive high street coffee shops is stopping you from travelling the world. If you spend $5 on coffee a day you’re spending nearly $2,000 on coffee a year. That’s an amount of money that can last you months if you’re living paycheck to paycheck and travelling through a cheaper area of the world.

Lower rent costs 

If you’re saving up for a world travel adventure, lowering your house costs should be a priority. Bringing in some roommates, moving to a smaller apartment, or living with your parents for a few months can net you a sizeable travel fund.

Change your phone tariff

Sacrifice on your smartphone tariff, using less data or a cheaper phone, and you’ll reap the benefits when you’re sitting on beach somewhere in six months’ time.

Stop drinking and smoking

Alcohol and cigarettes are expensive. A pack of cigarettes a day costs you almost $4,000 a year. You can save on alcohol costs by drinking before you go out rather than spending more in expensive bars.

Earn some extra money

There are now more ways to earn cash on the side than ever. Rent out a spare room on Airbnb, drive people around on Uber, or earn cash online on Fiverr or UpWork.

Living Paycheck to Paycheck

Save Money on Travel

Save on Flights – The largest expense of travel is usually the price of flights. Consider travelling at cheaper times and travelling off-peak to get the best deals. If you’re happy to fly early in the morning or late at night, you can make sizable savings. Flying on weekends tends to be a lot more expensive, too. Fly when it’s low season, and avoid times when everyone is travelling, such as when the school holidays are beginning. In some cases, flying indirect can offer significant savings. Finally, travel light to avoid excess baggage fees.

Save on Accommodation

The second biggest expense you’ll feel when travelling is accommodation fees. Are there locations to travel to where you know people you can stay with? Consider a home swap – it negates the cost of accommodation completely. Private rooms on Airbnb tend to be significantly cheaper than a hotel room, and dorm rooms in hostels worldwide are another way to reduce costs in more expensive cities.

Save on Food

Eating like a local is the not only one of the joys of travel – it’s almost always the cheapest option. Things that are cheap to eat at home can be expensive when you’re half way round the world, so instead sample the street food and local restos for the cheapest, best food on the planet.

Choose an Itinerary Wisely

Where you choose to go makes a big difference to your required travel budget. Once you get to most Southeast Asian countries, for example, travel is a lot cheaper than a trip across Europe. If you choose your travel plans sensibly, you can avoid expensive flights and instead rely on buses, ferries and trains to take you from country to country.

Travel and Work

For extended travel, consider working while on your travels. You don’t need to save up such a large nest egg if you’re able to fund your ongoing travels along the way. There’s classic work such as working in bars, teaching English, or grape picking, or there’s online work that you can do from anywhere. Leverage your unique skills and you’ll be able to continue having the adventure of a lifetime, even if you’re living paycheck to paycheck.

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