Five Ways a Servant Leader Should Lead the Congregation in Times of Crisis

Being a servant leader in the modern world means putting people first and holding their hands so they can grow and succeed in faith despite all odds. But what should a leader do when everything is going south? What should you do when the rest of the congregation is in panic and looks up to you as if you have the answer to the current crisis?  It can be hard to navigate such a situation because you, too, are human. Having an everyday prayer for servant leaders will help you navigate such situations in the right way. But first, you need to get those who look up to you to calm down. This is how you can achieve that:

Remind Your Congregation of the Mission 

The mission to call men and women from the world and bring them to Christ should never change because things are becoming tough. In that light, the first thing you should do in times of hardship is to remind your followers that regardless of what might be happening currently, the mission stays the same. Follow in the footsteps of Jesus Christ, who, despite fierce opposition, continuously reminded his disciples and close followers the reason why the group was formed in the first place.  

Acknowledge the Reality 

Reminding your followers of the mission doesn’t mean you ignore what is happening and start promising them that they will not be affected. It means that you also acknowledge the reality and its connection to the mission. In other words, instead of telling your followers that they will not be affected by the crisis, let them know that times will be even harder. Those who follow you want a realistic servant leader and not one who promises Disneyland when the rest of the world is in chaos.

Follow in the footsteps of Christ, who, instead of telling his followers how the future kingdom will be a paradise, told them the truth by saying that it will be in the middle of this chaotic world and will be overrun by dictators and an opposing army.

Give Them Hope

Once you remind your followers of the reality, don’t leave them without help, as this will cause many of them to lose hope and give up on the mission. Remind them that Christ’s kingdom here on earth is not won peacefully but by a sword. This means that everything they are going through is part of Christ’s plan so he can finally take his position with humanity.

Also, as noted, Christ said dictators and the opposing army would overrun his kingdom. So, to eventually run his kingdom peacefully, all the dictators would first have to be removed, and in the process, they will likely turn against his followers. Therefore, they should persevere and remain faithful because their faith determines whether they’ll see the kingdom.  

Pray Often 

As a servant leader, you are also human, and also seeing what is happening might shake your faith. Therefore, turn to God and pray often. We know that during such times, it can be hard even for the most faithful follower to pray. So, get an everyday prayer for servant leaders to help keep you on the right path. Also, in prayer, ask for guidance on what to do. Ask for strength and that God shows you the way so that you can lead the congregation on the right path.

Work with Others to Find a Solution

Once you’ve prayed, roll your sleeves and work with the rest of the congregation to find the ideal solution to cope with the current situation. By doing so, you will be walking in the footsteps of Christ, who gave up his sin-free, good life in Heaven and came to live among sinners so he could save us.

When times are tough, followers will expect you to lead like Christ. However, you are also human and likely to feel shaken as well. Having an everyday prayer for servant leaders‘ book will help you keep on track and remain faithful despite the difficult times. Remember that in everything, always emulate the leadership of Christ. 


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