What Would Your Dream Marriage Proposal Be?

Cliche, as it may be, getting engaged, is one of the life events that a lot of girls most look forward to. With wedding season in full effect, I know many of us can’t help but have our minds wander towards all things wedding, that includes and begins with your dream marriage proposal. There’s something so romantic about hearing Mr. Right utter those four little words – will you marry me? There are so many beautiful ways your man can pop the question – some traditional and others not quite so traditional. If you were getting engaged, how would you want your man to ask you to be his wife?

Dream Marriage Proposal: Do you love being the centre of attention?

Are you someone who loves being in the spotlight? If you love nothing more than being the centre of attention, then perhaps you’d love your partner to propose to you with a big, bold, public gesture. One of the most popular settings for a public proposal is restaurants and bars. Another option that becoming increasingly popular is proposal through stunts, such as via a flash mob. If you love being the centre of attention, a public proposal could be perfect for you. However, they’re not for everyone, myself included.

Dream Marriage Proposal: Would you prefer something more intimate?

If you’re someone who hates being in the spotlight, then a public proposal probably wouldn’t be your first choice. The good news is that if your partner knows you as well as he thinks he does, he will opt to pop the question in a way that he knows you’ll love. How about an intimate sunset proposal on your favourite beach? Or, what about a romantic proposal in a nature spot that the two of you love? If you prefer things to be kept low key, maybe your dream proposal would be set in the comfort of your own home.

What type of ring would you like?

The type of ring you would like all comes down to your sense of style and personal tastes. If you’re a girl who loves the finer things in life, Verragio engagement rings could be ideal for you. They’re sparkly, pretty, and come in lots of different designs and styles. Hopefully, your partner will know what type of ring will suit you, or if he doesn’t, he’ll ask your mum or sister for advice. Or, if he wants to ensure that you love your ring, he might not pick one out at all, he may wait until the two of you can shop for rings together. This is a practice that is becoming more and more common, with lots of men opting to let their partners choose their own rings.

How would you choose to celebrate?

A lot of men organise some sort of celebration for after the proposal – how would you like to celebrate? Would you love to spend the evening together, relaxing and drinking champagne? Or, would you prefer to spend your evening celebrating with all of your nearest and dearest? Perhaps you’d love a weekend away? There are so many ways you can mark your engagement, and as long as your partner knows you well, he should get it right.
However and whenever your beau chooses to propose, it will be perfect. Whether he pops the question over a candlelit dinner or while snuggled up in bed together, he’s sure to make it special.
What’s your dream marriage proposal?

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