3 Simple Ways to Take Care This Summer

3 Simple Ways to Take Care This Summer

In the UK, everybody seems to look forward to the summer and yet dread it at the same time. As soon as the temperature starts to rise to about 20 degrees Celsius, the British people clamour around trying to prepare themselves for a few days of nice weather. However, no sooner have they reached the park or the beach, the complaining starts. In fact, a survey found that British people think the ideal temperature is 21 degrees, and that 28 is ‘too hot’.

When it gets to 30 degrees, as it sometimes does, you would be forgiven for thinking that British people actually hate the summer. Whoever complained about the weather being too nice? Well, the British do.

It is probably for the best that it rains quite a lot of the time, because there is something reassuringly familiar about the cold, awful weather. The people are always prepared for it and are unsurprised when it actually happens. However, with summer coming up (although you wouldn’t know it this week), there are a few things that you need to get ready first and prepare to take care this summer.

Allowing it to sneak up on you and then finding that you do not have any sunglasses or that your summer clothes are still in the bottom of your wardrobe, is not a good look. Here are 3 simple ways to take care this summer so that you can be ready for when it spends a few intermittent weeks rewarding our patience.

The Sun

Since it is not often sunny in the UK, a lot of people do not spend too much time putting on suntan lotion. It is easy, therefore, for them to forget it when the time comes. However, it is crucial because it helps you protect your skin. They are quite simple really: a collection of chemicals that help prevent UV, or ultraviolet, light from reaching your skin. If too much does, your risk of skin cancer can increase. It comes in different SPF (sun protection factors), but it is best to go with a high one. However, a great way to know if you have been indulging in the sun too much is to invest in a UV light detector.

L’Oreal released one recently, and there are lots of watches and wristbands that will detect the wavelengths in the UV light and calculate when your skin has been exposed to dangerous levels. They will send a notification to your phone, and you can find some shade where you can take a break. This is especially useful for kids since as research has found that women who between the ages of 15 and 20 had at least five blistering sunburns were 80% more likely to develop melanoma later in life.

Your Body

Getting fit and looking good is something that a lot of people worry about when summer rolls around again. While the UK does not have quite the same beach culture as places like Brazil or parts of the US, beaches are still popular destinations when the sun comes out. The so-called ‘beach body’ that is necessary for these situations is written a lot about by the media. Getting it is pretty simple, or so they are willing to tell you. However, a lot of companies will try to take advantage of these societal pressures to sell their products. Fitness tapes and DVDs, in particular, will propagate these ideas.

That is why you should check out BBG alternative workouts. Running in the park is a great way to enjoy the weather while it lasts as well as getting fit. Swimming remains a great way to work out because it uses all of your muscles at the same time. You could also take up a sport. While volleyball is usually played inside most of the year, it is perfect for the few weeks when summer arrives. You could also take up tennis or badminton. Besides, once you start, you may find that you go back for the fun and the friends you make, rather than the need to keep fit. At that stage, your fitness will take care of itself.

The Kids

If you have children, you will obviously want to enjoy the summer with them. However, it can also be quite a dangerous time. With the beaches, parks and city centres likely to be quite busy, it is crucial that you keep hold of your child. If they do become lost, you should stay calm. Before you head out with them this summer, teach them the rules of being in public. You could also agree a place where you will meet up if you are every disconnected. Finally, tech can help with devices that let you track your child on your phone.

Hopefully, these simple tips can help you make the most of whatever summer days are up ahead and take care this summer.

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