5 Things That Only a Cruise Enthusiast Will Understand

Cruise holidays have enjoyed a boom in the past decade and have come a long way since the days when only the elderly and rich frequented these floating cities. Cruises now are also aimed at young families and single travellers. Of course, like anything else, the more familiar you are with cruising, the deeper your understanding. If you would like to know if you are a cruise enthusiast, here are a few things that only committed cruise travellers will understand.

Sea Days Are Fun 

Those who have never experienced a cruise might worry that sea days are boring times with nothing to do. But the cruise enthusiast knows that this is the time to explore the ship and engage in some of the many activities onboard. If you would like to book for next year, there are good deals you can find online that range from a short 3-day cruise to a 3-month epic round Australia cruise. Plus everything in between!

Booking Multiple Cruises  

As crazy as this might sound, some seasoned cruisers actually book a whole year in advance, especially with cruise deals from Brisbane. So while on-board one cruise, they will book another. It is not uncommon to see a couple disembark a cruise and head off to another. This often happens when retired couples get the cruise bug, and as they have the money and the time, they enjoy the luxury life on a state-of-the-art cruise liner.

Booking A Cabin With No Windows 

A novice cruiser might think this is a bad idea, as you have zero view from your cabin. But windowless staterooms are much cheaper. When you think about it, you spend most of your time on one of the many decks, where you can experience stunning sunrises and sunsets. Those who suffer from motion sickness would do well to book a berth on a lower floor close to the centre of the ship, where movement is minimal.

Saving Chairs On A Sundeck

Veteran cruisers simply hang a small towel or a plastic bag over the frame of a sun lounger, which is all it takes to reserve the space. Some groups send one person early to watch over their favourite spot. So right after breakfast, you might want to move to one of your favourite decks to secure a seat. If it is your first cruise, there are great blogs that offer awesome cruise tips for beginners. These will really help get the most out of the holiday.

Embarkation Day

This can be a little stressful for first timers. But the cruise veteran has done everything in good time and can therefore relax and enjoy the buzzing atmosphere that embarkation day is all about. Always plan to be at the port early on the day of departure. Indeed, seasoned travellers book a hotel near the port for convenient boarding.

Cruise holidays are very enticing and the vast majority of first timers will book another cruise within a couple of years. Or even take 3-day cruises on a regular basis!

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