The Must Haves for My Perfect Desk #MyDeskStory

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The Must Haves for My Perfect Desk #MyDeskStory

I’ve always liked to dedicate some space at home for a home office. I move around quite a lot so the space is as ever-changing as the actual desk that I use. I tend to work anywhere really. From a cafe in Manchester to a library in Texas – as long as I can connect to the internet I can, and do work. The thing is, there’s really nothing like being able to have your own designated workspace at home. Being surrounded by your favourite pens, your calendar full of useful info, or even your favourite photos makes a world of difference. For this post, I’m collaborating with Furniture at Work to share with you my #MyDeskStory; my wants, my must-haves, and what I consider the perfect desk.

My Perfect Desk

We all have different needs and wants when it comes to our perfect desk, but one important aspect of a good desk is space. It all depends on what your type of work is, but as a writer, I really don’t need that much space. As long as there is enough space for your computer and the basics like a pen pot and a notebook you should be fine. I do tend to be a note taker, so pen and paper is always necessary. 

I actually prefer using the wall space behind my desk, or on either wall, if I set it in the corner. It serves to keep me organised without taking up the area I need to actually do some work. My perfect desk is a combination of space saver, functional, but it definitely has to not only work with the size of the room, but it has to be aesthetically pleasing. 

Truly, my perfect desk must be a place where I am inspired and relaxed at the same time. It must have some space for a cuppa, of course. 

My Wants & Must Haves

A must have is light. A window is best, as natural light is ideal. Unfortunately, that can’t always happen as sometimes our spaces are too small. Fairy lights are lights that I like to string all throughout my house so adding them to the desk area is an ideal way to have light without taking up too much space with a lamp. This combination helps you have natural light during the day, because of course, we all need a our dose of vitamin D. But it also helps to have some sort of lighting for those winter afternoons where darkness comes far too soon. 

Wall space is also something important. I tend to write important deadlines or appointments on my wall calendar and it’s great to have it available at a glance. There isn’t a day that I don’t sit at my desk really, so I like being able to have it all available at a glance. This keeps me productive and organised. 

I also like to have a vision board for those moments when I really don’t want to be working. It serves as a bit of inspiration and it helps me visualise my goals.

So there you have it. In a nutshell that’s my perfect desk. What is yours? 

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