CBD for IBS: What You Need to Know

Are you really going to the bathroom? Again?

You always have to go at the worst times. You’re spending more time in the bathroom than out of it.

If you suffer from irritable bowel syndrome, you know this pattern all too well. What you don’t know is the solution.

We have got the scoop on one of the lastest and greatest combatants against your troubling bowels. Keep reading to learn about CBD for IBS and what just a couple drops a day can do.

CBD For IBS: The Story

People have been using the healing powers of cannabis plants for several years. Many of the treatments that scientists discovered had to do with the gastrointestinal symptoms related to irritable bowel syndrome.

Most recently, scientists have discovered that cannabinoids produced in our very own bodies help in regulating our gastrointestinal systems. This research prompted the idea of ingesting cannabinoids to improve gut health.

The Symptoms

Irritable bowel syndrome is an incurable condition. However, CBD oil has been shown to remedy some of its symptoms. This can make the condition much more bearable for even the most sensitive digestive systems.

One of the most annoying and uncomfortable symptoms of IBS is the spastic feeling that patients get in the abdomens. These episodes are caused by muscles in the colon and can lead to gas, bloating, and diarrhea.

CBD has been found to relax the muscles of the colon and lessen or even stop these spasmodic episodes.

Nausea is another common symptom of irritable bowel syndrome. Cyclic vomiting and loss of appetite can arise from this. CBD relaxes the muscles of the esophagus and the stomach, relieving nausea and preventing vomiting.

Just like its effects on other conditions, CBD has been found to have great effects on patients with irritable bowel syndrome.

CBD For IBS: The Suggestion

The CBD dosage for IBS depends on the user. If you’re new to using CBD, you should start at a lower dose and work your way up as your body becomes used to it.

If you’ve been using CBD for a while, you may feel like you need a higher dose.

Whether you’re a beginner or not, you should take CBD for IBS orally. Put two or three drops under your tongue per day. Be sure to keep the drops in your mouth for about a minute before you swallow the liquid.

If you don’t want to take liquid drops, there are CBD pills that you can take. However, these will take longer to take effect.

Many patients who have irritable bowel syndrome find that taking CBD regularly in the morning helps the most with their symptoms.

CBD for IBS: The Summary

No matter how or when you choose to take CBD for IBS, you’re likely to find relief of your symptoms. You should try CBD oil to tackle this incurable condition that always seems to come at the worst times.

Go out and buy yourself a bottle of CBD oil or CBD pills today and enjoy the difference you and your gut will feel. Your toilet will thank you too.

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