Ping Pong: Choosing A Table That Fits Your Playing Style

All work and no play makes not only Jack but anyone else a dull person. The old saying is accurate if you observe people. When you work and then work some more for the whole day, you end up being forever frustrated. 

Table tennis or Ping pong is an excellent stress buster for such people. Any game is a healthy way of mental relaxation as well as physical exercise. Once you include physical fitness in your daily schedule, you will see a marked difference in your attitude towards life. It becomes easier to handle stress as the body organs get more blood circulation and perform all activities with more ease.  Are there any factors to consider when buying a new Ping Pong table? Like any other piece of furniture, there are several things to figure out before you buy yourself a Ping pong table. Let us have a look at the main features to take care of:


Space is a restraint to many homes these days. Earlier in traditional homes, there were many rooms and one room could be allotted for recreational purposes alone. But style of living has changed a lot. Most people prefer to live in apartments or flats that have limited space. This is where the portability of the ping pong table has to be considered. There are options available these days to get tables where they can be dismantled and moved from place to place. Most ping pong tables have wheels and brakes which help to move and keep them in place according to the players’ convenience.

Quality of Raw Material

The quality of raw materials used determines the longevity of the table. The key is to get a good quality table as per the experts at Modern Digs Furniture and from a reliable seller. There is no point going for cheap prices and overlooking the quality of the material used. Low-quality material will lead to short term life and you will have to spend more on either repairing the table or getting another one shortly.

Size and Dimensions 

The game has certain rules and regulations which have to be followed. The general size which is commonly available is 108 inches in length, 60 inches in width and 30 inches in height. The size that you need to buy depends on the category of the game you are planning to start. There are different dimension standards based on the need. If you mainly intend to play at home, the recreational size mentioned above would be the best option.


The thickness of the tabletop is yet another important factor. Most professionals use a 1-inch thick table. There are other options like 0.75-inch thickness etc. However, the commonly sold tables have 1-inch thickness. This is what you find in most of the tournaments played across the world.

Cost or Budget

If you’re choosing a ping pong table for serious training, you can go for a higher quality one which could be at a higher price. However, keep in mind the end-use. If you feel that you will be practicing for serious games, you need a table that lasts longer-term. If the purpose is solely for recreation or family activities, you can choose less costly options. This decision is at your discretion. However, it is better not to go for a very low-cost option. Try to get good quality at a reasonable and affordable rate. Remember that the table should be durable and lasting.

Final Even Finish 

A ping pong table represents a tennis court and can be looked upon as a miniature of a real one. The even finish of the table is very important as this determines the bounce of the ball. The game will proceed smoothly only if the surface has a smooth and easy finish. So check out the finish before you buy the product. If it is an online purchase, make sure to clarify these details with the seller.

These features have to be checked carefully before choosing a ping pong table. Once the table has been brought home, you also need to learn how to maintain it. Keep it covered when not in use, especially if it’s kept outdoors. Regularly clean the table and avoid using it for any other purposes. If maintained well, a ping pong table can be a source of endless family recreation for many years.


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