Warning Signs Of A Water Line Leak

Our plumbing home’s plumbing systems have two distinct purposes. One is to allow clean, drinkable water in; the other is to remove wastewater. The water lines bringing water into your home need to be problem-free, otherwise risk contamination. A common issue for property owners is a water line leak.

Thankfully, these are easy to spot if you know what to look for. If you have any of the following signs of a water line leak, contact your broken arrow plumber as soon as possible.

What is a water main leak?

A water main is the line that supplies all the water to your home from a public water supply. It is buried underground and is not accessible without digging or complete excavation. Leaks can happen at any point in the line and are typically the responsibility of the homeowner to repair.

Lack of Water Pressure

Having a lack of water pressure is one of the first signs that could tip you off to having a main water leak. This mostly shows that you have a lack of water supply. Though if you just installed low flow fixtures, this might also contribute to the lack of water pressure. However, if you haven’t made any changes to your bath or kitchen, it is worth looking into.

Water Sounds

Here’s an interesting one that many will have you scratching your head, wondering what’s going on. Sounds like bubbling noises from the sink, pipes whistling, dripping, or even clanking can all be a sign of a leaking water pipe.

A Running Water Meter

If you look at your water meter, you may notice that it never stops running. What this means is your home is always using water. But, if no one’s in the house, and no water is on, why is the meter running? This almost always indicates a problem, pointing to a water main leak.

Higher Than Normal Water Bill

Similarly to a water main meter, you may notice that your water bill is higher than it usually is. If it progressively goes up and you’re not using water any differently, this is cause for concern. If you’re not monitoring your water meter, typically, the higher water bill will be the first sign.

Damp Yard

A damp yard can almost always indicate The presence of some type of water leak. If it hasn’t rained for a few days, and your yard is saturated with water, it could be from the water main. However, it could also be from a sewer line breakage. The way you can differentiate the two is by smell and the foliage. If it smells and damp, more than likely it’s the sewer.

Likewise, if you have lush looking grass or grass that is growing faster, it’s more than likely the drain, not the water main.

Best Method for Identifying Water Line Leaks

If you’re in doubt whether or not you have a water line leak or something else, the best option is
to call a plumber for help. A leak detection test will be able to identify if there is a presence of a
leak, and where it’s located. This will give the plumber all the pertinent information needed to
make a swift repair.


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