Destressing 101 for the Corporate Event Planner

Event planning may seem like a lot of fun, and it is, but it is when everything falls apart, things can start to get stressful. The venue and vendors you want are unavailable? No one’s RSVP’ing? Just found out there’s another similar event planned for the same day? These are just some of the things a corporate event planner can anticipate happening at any point during their planning of corporate events. 

And while some of these may be unavoidable, there are things you can do to keep stress minimal. Here are some ideas for keeping anxiety at bay while you are doing your pre event planning. 

Make an Event Planning Guide Checklist

The best practices in corporate event planning include the creation of an event planning checklist. This checklist can help you keep track of everything you need and everything you need to do so you’re not scrambling at the last minute to complete a task you may have forgotten about.

An advanced corporate event planning guide will have every last detail of your event and you can cross out things that have been completed so you can keep track of what you’ve done and what still needs to be done. 

There is plenty of technology available that is perfect for creating corporate event planning guides. Use apps and devices to make your life even easier. 

Keep a List of Vendors and Venues on Hand

No matter how far in advance you are planning your event, you always run the risk of having the perfect vendor or venue be unavailable. However, a situation like this will be much less stressful if you have an extensive list of vendors and venues on hand. 

Be sure to give yourself plenty of options when it comes to caterers, bakers, live music entertainment, venues, photographers and more. That way, if you find out the one you’ve had your eye on is not available, you have plenty more to choose from. 

Stay Healthy

There are also lifestyle changes you can make to keep yourself calm and less prone to anxiety. These include the following:

  • Meditation: The deep, relaxing state meditation provides is enough to relieve stress. If you can’t get into that deep, meditative state, taking even 10 minutes out to breath deeply and calm your mind can be helpful. 
  • Exercise: Exercise is also great for stress relief. A quick run or walk around the block will activate those endorphins to minimize anxiety. 
  • Unplug: As an event planner, it may seem like the last thing you would want to do is be away from your devices. But unplugging for a few minutes a day can do a lot to relieve stress. Then when you are ready, tackle what needs to be done on your own time.
  • Declutter Your Desk: Messy desk, messy mind. Not only will cleaning your desk provide a calmer atmosphere, it will also make it easier to find things so you can stress less.

If you are a corporate event planner, you have to expect the unexpected. If a change in plans is making you feel stress, these are all great ways to unwind and stay on top of things, so you are always cool, calm and collected. What do you do to relieve stress in your busy life?


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