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When it comes to wedding invitations, more and more couples now choose to opt for paperless wedding invitations. According to a recent survey, there has been a shift of 30% towards electronic invitations in the past few years.

At the same time, 40% use both paper and electronic invitations. There are several perks of using paperless invites as compared to the traditional ones. The most prominent ones are discussed in this post.

Benefits of Online Wedding Invitation Cards

Digital technology has made wedding planning extremely easy for couples. They can set up their dream wedding with minimal effort and time using amazing technologies. One such incredible technology that has helped couples around the world is an online wedding invitation card maker. If you are wondering if these tools are really for you, then you need to check out these amazing benefits.

·       Save Money

It is a cold hard fact, but not everyone saves your wedding invitation cards and mostly throw them away. Why waste hundreds of dollars or more on something that would eventually go in the bin? Instead, you can invest that money on something that your guests will enjoy, like improvising the wedding experience such as drinks, dessert, or a great DJ. Printed invitation cards are now a thing of the past, and rather you should opt to go paperless with wedding invitation card maker tools.

·       Help the World

The growing pollution and scarcity of natural resources have led us to take care of the environment. One way to help the planet is by reducing paper waste that typically ends up in a landfill. For this reason, couples have resorted to wedding invitation card maker tools as it can save a lot of paper waste.

Think about the wedding invitation consisting of saving the date card, invitation card, wedding details card, RSVP card, and various others when there are multiple events. If you calculate, then on average, you have four pieces of trash per household. So, if you invite 200 people or more, you can imagine the amount of trash that it will add up. Online invites not only reduce paper waste but also reduce CO2 production by saving trees. An eco-conscious couple would understand the importance of e-cards.

·       Reduced tasks

A wedding preparation already calls for a huge list of chores – listing the guests, arranging an event organizer, booking the venue, and most importantly, finalizing the wedding dress. Amidst all this, visiting a wedding card designer and finalizing one takes time. It can be a lot of hassle to work with designers in providing them mailing addresses, verifying addresses, correcting mistakes, and a lot more. With a wedding invitation card maker app, you will save time on the trips to the designer and confirming all mailing addresses.

·       Design Like a Pro

What kind of designs appeal to you? Do you like floral, classic, metallic, or bold themes? Or, are you more drawn towards a cultural, modern, or vintage look? Whatever your taste is, a wedding invitation card maker tool lets you customize designs according to your likings.

These apps are loaded with appealing designs, colors, and fonts that you can choose to match your wedding theme.

·       Beautiful Templates

Designing an invitation card from scratch sounds difficult, right? Especially if you have no prior designing experience. Fret not! An invitation wedding card maker tool is loaded with beautiful pre-prepared templates that you can customize the way you want. All you need to do is select the theme you are interested in, and the app will generate tons of templates. You pick one template that you like best and make as many changes as you want.

Best Wedding Invitation Card Maker

Wedding invitations are as important as the main wedding day. The shift to eco-friendly online invitation cards has given rise to many invitation card maker apps. If you explore the virtual spectrum, you will find tons of apps, and picking one might become difficult. To help you focus on the right app, we have compiled a list of the best wedding invitation card maker app for you.

1.      Invitation Maker Free – Birthday and Wedding Card

Invitation card maker App is a well-established app by Content Arcade. They have invitation cards for all kinds of events that you can think of. You can add HD pictures to give a livelier look to the design. Moreover, you can save as many designs as you want in this wedding invitation card maker app and finally pick the one you think looks the best.

2.      Canva

Although Canva is best known for creating social media content, this app can also be used to create killer wedding invitation cards. Not just the wedding, but you can opt for the services of Canva for various other occasions. Canva is best known for its modern and trendy designs. Take your wedding theme to the next level with Canva.

3.      Greetings Island

Greetings Island offers a simple app with a clean user interface. Just like others, the app is not only restricted to the wedding event. Your card template will be preloaded with text that you can remove and alter as per your need.

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